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Men rescued from the deserted island of Micronesia

Three men have been rescued from a small island in the Pacific area after writing a giant SOS sign in the sand that was discovered from above, the authorities say.

Men had been missing in the archipelago of Micronesia for almost three days when their distress signal was discovered on Sunday on the uninhabited island of Picelot by searchers on Australian and US aircraft, the Australian Ministry of Defense said on Monday.

The men had apparently left Pulawat Atoll in a 20-foot boat on July 30 and had intended to travel about 300 km to Pulap Atoll when they sailed on course and ran out of fuel, the department says.

Applicants in Guam asked for Australian aid.

The military ship, Canberra, which returned to Australia from exercises in Hawaii, diverted to the area and joined American seekers from Guam.

The men were found about 1

20 miles from where they had gone.

They were found in good condition, and an Australian military helicopter was able to land on the beach and provide them with food and water.

A micronesian patrol vessel would pick them up.

SOS is an internationally recognized emergency signal derived from Morse code.

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