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Meghan Markle ignores Queen's instructions on Thomas Markle Drama

It's almost Christmas, a time for family, love and eggnog! And if you're Thomas Markle, a time to complain about literally someone who will listen to your duchess daughter! Yup, Meghan Markle's father again gives interviews to the press – and you've probably noticed that she has handled it in a very specific way. By not coping with it at all.

Meghan has not yet publicly recognized his father's many remarks for attention, and apparently it is a choice . A choice The Queen is not necessarily in agreement with. According to Vanity Fair her Majesty really wanted to intervene in the situation, but Meghan did not have it.

"[The Queen] was very concerned that it was budding out of control, as it was," told a source for the newspaper. "Buckingham Palace could do something and be proactive and get the situation away. It was a direction from the Queen, so her guardian was under strict instructions to sort it out. But Kensington Palace did not sing from the same psalm sheet, and it was due that the message came from Meghan. She did not want to engage and believed that she could handle it herself. "

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At the same time, Megan's refusal to comment on the situation created a thrill:" There was a lot of tensions between hovmen within the two royal households and I think it just came to a point where it was deadlock and, you know, could not move either, "continued the source.

It seems that Megan's wishes were respected because she was silent about her father's anti cs-even when he continued to interview after interviewing the press.

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