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McConnell wants a Syria resolution stronger than what passed the democratically controlled House

"I was encouraged to see yesterday's display of the bipartisan concern in the House of Representatives to uphold the US global leadership and in particular to the detrimental effect of quickly withdrawing that leadership from Syria," the GOP leader said on the floor.

"When the Senate discusses our policies in the Middle East and thinks about what action to take, I think it is important that we make a strong, forward-looking, strategic statement," he added.

McConnell chose the Democrats not to include in his resolution anything about the need to hold troops in Syria in the long term, which he noted may be politically difficult since many Democratic legislators and voters are anxious to bring troops home.

"My preference would be for something even stronger than the resolution passed by Parliament yesterday, which has some serious weaknesses," McConnell said. "It is so narrowly designed that it fails to deal with the difficulties of the imperialized Sunni-Arab and minority Christian communities in Syria. It is backward-looking. And it is strangely silent on whether to really maintain an American military presence in Syria, perhaps to spare Democrats from having to agree to this key issue. "

But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer asked McConnell not to" fight for the language "and quickly passed the resolution he passed to send a strong message to Trump reversing the course .

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"The greatest ability to get him to turn is an overwhelming message for the Republican side – the House and Senate – that this is wrong. He doesn't hear it too often from our Republican friends, "Schumer said on the floor, noting that the top three GOP leaders in the House voted for the measure, which passed 354-60. "Let's put politics aside, let's vote on the House proposal."

A bipartisan couple of Senate critics of Syria's decision, Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican in South Carolina, and Senator Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat, will announce sanctions legislation against Turkey for its attacks in Syria against the Kurds that began when the United States withdrew out.

It is unclear how soon the Senate can act on the type of resolution McConnell is considering or sanction legislation. But the Senate is scheduled to leave for the weekend on Thursday afternoon so it may not be able to do anything until at least next week.

McConnell said he expected to have more to say about this "very soon."

"I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle when charting the right course. And I expect many of us will have a lot more to say on this topic very soon," McConnell said.

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