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McCarthy dismisses Amash impeachment comments: "He wants attention"

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy doesn't seem to be taking ropes. Justin Amash's latest tweets about President Trump very seriously and claim that the Michigan Republican simply wants to "have attention" and question his GOP bona fides.

Amash tweeted his take on the Muller report on Saturday, claiming that President Trump "engaged in unlawful behavior," specifically barring justice, and that lawyer-general Bill Barr "deliberately misunderstood" Mueller's results.

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"That's exactly what he wants, he wants attention," McCarthy said on "Sunday Morning Futures." He continued to express doubts about Amash's Republican slopes in general.

"You have to understand Justin Amash. He's been to Congress for quite some time. I think he has asked a question in all the committees he has been in. He's voting more with Nancy Pelosi than he ever voted with me. ask about him even at our republican conference as a whole. "

Amash criticized the Republicans and the Democrats for speeding up the Mueller report and accusing his colleagues of speaking out based on which side of the political time they are on, and not facts.

"Few members of Congress also read Mueller's report, their thoughts were based on the party's affiliation," Amash tweeted "and it turned out representatives and senators from both parties issued final statements of 448 page report conclusions within hours after they released. "


McCarthy, meaningful while accusing Amash of simply being contradictory and saying:" You can get a bill of 400 votes supporting it, it will always to be an opposite, and that is Justin Amash. "

Amash argued that he was considering running against Trump 2020 as a third-party candidate.

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