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Mayor to sneak Blue Jays fans: Stay off the grass near 190 | Local news

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Fans stand outside the stadium watching the Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Miami Marlins.

Harry Scull Jr.

It’s been more than a century since a regular season Major League Baseball game was played in Buffalo.

It has been months since living, fun, personal things have happened in our midst.

These two realities collided on Tuesday when the Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins made their way to Sahlen Field and created a combination that proved impossible to resist for dozens who parked in a grassy spot – albeit one bordering hundreds of motor vehicles speeding past to get on I-190 – to take the action.

City officials and law enforcement agencies had a message for them on Wednesday: Do not try again.

Mayor Byron W. Brown said he understands people are happy about Major League Baseball in Buffalo.

But he asked people to stay away from Sahlen Field and watch future games on TV, either at home or at a bar or restaurant.

“Major League Baseball and the state of New York have introduced protocols to ensure human health and safety to ensure that coronavirus does not spread in our society,” Brown said. “We do not want people to gather at 190.”

In fact, strict social distance rules have been introduced for the Blue Jays.

Players and staff can only be in their hotels or in the arena. They are sent in buses back and forth from the two places. Unless they are on the field, players must wear masks in the stadium. The seats are filled with cut-outs of fans.

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