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Mayor Nirenberg says the July July COVID-19 wave

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio and Bexar County see a downward trend in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, compared with strong force in June and July.

Currently in Bexar County, COVID-19 cases are 42,531 and the death toll is currently 432, as of Saturday.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg joined Leading SA on Sunday, saying the past two months have been deadly for San Antonio with the sudden onset of COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

“You saw that the number of hospitals was in good shape already in April and May, and how quickly our cases began to accelerate in June and July. And it was a very deadly two months for us, “said Mayor Nirenberg.


9 transmission is still high in the San Antonio area, with a positivity rate of about 15%. Mayor Nirenberg said that it is important that society helps to reduce the number before the start of the school year.

“The transfer in society is still quite high and we must work together to reduce it before school starts. And because we know it will introduce more activity into the community and we need to get the transfer rate below 5%, said Mayor Nirenberg.

According to the City of San Antonio website, the level of risk in the community is still in the red zone, indicating that it is serious / critical. Residents are still urged to stay home whenever possible to mitigate the spread of the virus.

When Mayor Nirenberg said that when the positivity drops to 5%, it will be safer for society to be out. Until then, residents are urged not to give up their guard.

“When we reach the positive level below 5%, when we see the 14-day decline in cases and we also see the doubling rate of cases … in our society goes up, then it will be safe. But it ties that timeline to a set of warning indicators that people could see on the website, “said Mayor Nirenberg.

Although the latest figures are encouraging in the San Antonio fight against the pandemic, the mayor reminds society not to be complacent.

“The work we have done over the past two months has begun to pay off in terms of gaining control of this hospital stay. Well, we see how quickly things can get out of control, and we also see the devastation that has occurred economically and psychologically in our societies around the country. We must work together, continue to slow down the spread and stop the spread of coronavirus while scientists and doctors work on a vaccine. Until there is a vaccine, we will have to live with some modified behaviors, including keeping physical distance and wearing face masks when you are in public, says Mayor Nirenberg.

The full interview with Mayor Nirenberg can be seen in the video player above.

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