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Maui fire: People and animals are evacuated as flames of 3,000 hectares

The fire had burned 3,000 hectares in central Mauil, which led to evacuation of residents of Kihei and Maalaea, as the control was broken, CNN affiliate KGMB reported. Maui Humane Society moved its animals into boxes and kennels to a nearby high school.

When darkness comes in, Maui Mayor Mike Victorino said firefighters would not take control overnight.

"We can't fight the fire tonight. We're not going to send any firefighters in the way of the injury" Victorino said Thursday.

Maui County activated its emergency surgery center to respond to fire on Thursday morning. In the afternoon, the fire burned out of the control and emergency recipients sent a warning report to the nearest residents to evacuate.

Oprah has a home in the county and tweeted a local resident to confirm she received officials fighting the fire supply to her private road. "A great mahalo to Oprah to give Maui County access to your private road for use to help in the Maui fire," replied Hawaii Gov. David Ige.

Flight at Kahului Airport was redirected briefly, but operations have returned to normal. The fire hit the airport, which operated on emergency generators. Hawaii Tourism Authority advised visitors traveling to or from the airport to contact their airlines for flight status due to energy issues.

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