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MattressFirm seeks professional sleep

HOUSTON, Texas (WCMH) – Are you good at sleeping? Is your nap nap? Then you may want to apply for MattressFirm's "Snoozetern" position.

Mattress MattressFirm is looking for someone who gets paid to sleep.

"You will test the optimal head and foot positions on our selection of adjustable bases for Netflix binging, Instagram stalking * ahem * post, reading, writing, eating … really something that would be better in bed. the optimal head and foot positions of our selection of Netflix binging adjustable bases, Instagram stalking * ahem * post, read, write, eat … really anything would be better in bed, "MattressFirm's website says about the job.

The work of the job contains posts about your sleep sleep experiences on the company's social media.

Technically speaking, this is a paid internship, according to MattressFirm, with at least a 20-hour commitment.

The qualified candidate must travel to Houston to work at MattressFirm's headquarters, but you will also visit local stores.

More information about the job is available on the MattressFirm website.

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