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Matt Nagy is not happy with Bears QB Mitch Trubisky's footwork

What has been a dazzling question for Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky since his arrival in Chicago was clearly evident to coach Matt Nagy after seeing the movie from the Saints game: Trubisky's footwork was not good.

While there were plenty of criticized Trubisky's performance against the Saints in the 36-25 loss effort, Nagy seemed to focus specifically on his footwork, which he attributes to other mistakes that followed.

"The first thing I came from was footwork," Nagy said Monday through the Chicago Tribune. “I thought the footwork was just OK. And then the footwork leads to a little better decision / accuracy with throws. There were some times when there were some back pedals or movement in the pocket could have been a little better or different. "

This is nothing new. Footwork issues. Problems with accuracy. Decision-making issues. If there is a problem, Trubisky probably handled it.

Although his footwork may not be attributed to decision-making, the accuracy issues are directly linked to it. Trubisky was named as this incredibly accurate passer coming out of college, but we have yet to see Trubisky consistently beat his receivers ̵

1; especially with the deep ball of late.

Trubisky had two bad misses against the Saints, as if converted would have kept the chains in motion. Nagy specifically pointed to these two when discussing Trubisky's "just OK" footwork.

"You are looking at a throw on the third and fifth, the second possession of the game," Nagy said. "He hit it all week (in practice) and he missed it. It was the start and then there were some others. The second thing I thought was a major mistake of him in that position was that we had a first-and-10 at The 24 yard line going in, and we took a sack for 8 laps and it was on an RPO. What is a learning tool for him is, hey, we call a run-pass option, we were just a little off in our progression on that game and we ended up losing those 8 laps. "

While Trubisky does not turn up to be the future quarterback in Chicago, there are still ten games left this season for him to improve.

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