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Match report: Girona secure historical victory at Bernabéu

90 & # 39; + 5 & # 39; Games over!

90 & # 39; + 5 & # 39; Courtois up the corner. He got a clean headline on it. He goes close! What a chance.

90 & # 39; + 5 & # 39; One minute left for Girona to hang on.

90 & # 39; + 4 & # 39; One last chance for Kroos. It is a free that comes in from the right and Mariano leads it towards the goal.

90 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; Marcelo scoops and Bono palms it off. Real Madrid pushes this equalizer. Ball cut inside to Bale but he is offside.

90 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; Four minutes added on. Bullet is crossed in and it's a corner for Real Madrid.

90 Casemiro was bombed in the penalty area. The ball comes back inside and Ramos is sent out to try a chilean. He gets a second booking.

89 Ramos is caught in the back as he loses the ball in the sun and gets squeezed. Free for Real Madrid.

89 Girona takes his time over this one. Granell takes a long time and runs it on target. Not sure what that effort was but it goes well off.

88 Yellow for Casemiro. Arriving late at Aleix Garcia.

88 Offside from Ramos as Bono grabs the outdoors.

87 Alcala with a foul on Bale now that the attacker first takes the ball and Girona's defender clears him out of it. Chance for Real Madrid and they run out of them.

87 & # 39; Bale with a chance. Bono blocks it and Girona clear.

86 & # 39; Vinicius competes down to the left and cuts down the endline. He runs it out for a goalkick. He could have waited for a clip on the heel but it never came.

85 Lozano hovering over from free. He found a half yard between Bale and Casemiro but head over.

83 Portu goes on and goes on coming Valery.

82 Vinicius wins it from Ramalho but he fouled him in the process.


minutes left. Can Girona hold on?

80 Odriozola with a cross and it beats everyone. Vinicius beats and it crowns itself widely.

79 & # 39; What just happened? Real Madrid was in cruise control.

78 Real Madrid wants a handball. They get a whitsle but it is for offside instead.

76 & # 39; Vinicius rushes forward and he just crosses the bar after cutting in from the right.

74 & # 39; Courtois with a rescue from the Lozano effort and they fall asleep at the back post to let in Portu.

74 [19659048] goals! Portu leads him. Girona now wins 2-1. What a turn.

72 & # 19659004] Real Madrid on the ropes now.

72 & # 39; Girona pushes for the one who is to move on. Real Madrid is everywhere.

71 & # 39; Portu again down to the right. He rattles the crossbar.

70 Ooooh, Granell sends a shot in as he tries to lob Courtois. Never catch him from there.

68 & # 39; Ramos wants punishment. He feels that he has been shot in the back from free as it is whippped into. No whistle. Ball comes back in and Ramos is offside but the shot is sent over anyway. The game is really open now.

67 & Casemiro fouled by Stuani and he twists his ankle. He is down in pain and outside the field now gets treatment.

64 & # 39; Bale arrives at Real Madrid now that Asensio comes on.

62 & # 39; STUANI GOALS! He sends it down the middle and sends Courtois the wrong way.

62 & # 39; No wait. It is not. Wait, yes it is. Ramos is booked to handle the ball.

62 & # 39; PENALTY!

62 & 1939 Cross in from the left and it is up in the air of Varane. Courtois grabs the rebound.

61 & # 39; Stuani bundles over Casemiro.

59 It's a terrible miss. Cross from the right. Lozano hooves down and Courtois saves. Followed by Granell and he runs it over. What a miss

58 Lucas is replaced by Vinicius. Fans who love him as Bernabéu regret their new hero.

56 & # 39; Vinicius gets ready.

53 Real Madrid could really do with a second goal here.

53 Lozano meets a cross with a headline. It seems like it's looping but it just makes it as far as Courtoi's waiting hands.

51 Asensio with a deep cross to the back. Benzema heads into the side network.

49 Freely machined over the locks as Asensio drills it at the wall. Benzema shot and it takes about 40 deflections. Corner that comes to nothing.

48 Lozano downloads Odriozola. Yellow card to the sub when the Real Madrid player gets the wrong side and desperately tries to prevent the cross.

47 Vinicius warms up.

46 & # 39; We're back in time and almost immediately test Marcelo Bono. He turns left from the outside of the box and Bono tips over.

Two gears for Girona. Pere Pons off for Alex Garcic. Pedro Porro outside of Lozano.

No changes for Real Madrid at the break, it seems.

Going back in the tunnel and a good laugh is between Vazquez, Asensio and Ramos. Real Madrid in high spirits of late.

Real Madrid controls this. Girona looks unpredictable but Real Madrid has choked them every time they have attacked and looks like there may be another pair of goals in this one for Real Madrid yet.

Real Madrid uses their heads.

45 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; HALF-TIME!

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; Porro rises Marcelo. Free for Real Madrid. Fabric right on his ankle.

45 & 39; Three minutes added time at the end of half. Courtois injury takes up most of it.

45 And it was. Judges decide in addition to offside.

45 & 39; It has gone to the VAR but why? No need as it looked quite clear cut.

44 & # 39; Casemiro links with Marcelo. Lovely by ball but he is offside. Nice finish too!

43 " Granell with the cross from free after a Marcelo foul. Jumps straight up to Courtois. A real wasted chance there.

42 Douglas Luiz plays Stuani through. He gets the ball caught under his feet and the referee lifts his flag anyway. Offside.

41 Benzema straight up the other end and he runs a shot straight at Bono. He turns away.

41 Not far away at all. Granell with the effort that Portu takes down a long ball and puts it off. Whizzes of Courtois post.

40 & # 39; 19659004] Marcelo with a shot from his right foot. Decent effort but it is well over. He looked bright instead of Reguilón.

38 Lucas Vazquez feels that he was cheated by Granell. Nothing wrong and he's right back when Real Madrid wins a throw.

36 & # 39; Ball down to Benzema and he puts his arm over Juanpe and the ref gives a free.

35 & # 39; This is really easy for Real Madrid at the moment. Girona tries to move forward but is counterfeit every time by Real Madrid.

32 & 1939 Pere Pons is looking for Pedro Porro but it is a very difficult pass and Porro is not happy. Pons asked a lot of his teammate and he can't control it.

31 & 1939 Odriozola sends a ball over the box from the right. Benzema is right there but can't reach it. So close to being a 2-0 leader. Bono stretched over, but if Benzema did something about it it would certainly have been a goal.

28 Ramalho turns a dangerous cross into the box out of the corner. Real Madrid threatens the wings every time.

28 Raul Garcia sends a post for Stuani but Varane sends it back to a throw.

28 Asensio delivers a cross and it is sent out for a throw.

26 & # 39; [19659064] Casemiro! Goal. He leads home. Not from the corner but a cross just after that. A good looking finish by the Brazilian. Kroos with help.

25 Real Madrid players on the ground Casemiro pulled down by Granell. The ball wasn't in play so it's not a penalty but Granell was lucky there.

24 & # 39; Corner of Real Madrid. Kroos delivers and it goes out again by Girona. Another corner. Kroos goes up again.

22 & 1939 Ramos leads out a Raul Garcia cross. Pedro Porro lurks there and wants something on it.

21 & # 39; Asensio has a chance to shoot now after he has hit on the right side. He goes for the more subtle effort but dribbles in Bono's gloves.

20 & 1939 Ceballos cuts right and sends one up in the sky. A souvenir for someone in line Z.

19 & 1939 Asensio with one shot from the left. May have been a cross. Girona break and Portu play to Stuani. His shot is rescued by Courtois again. Nice break from the visitors.

18 & 1939 Marcelo backs up but doesn't join this attack anyway when he walks off the track. Real Madrid is moving forward that turned again. The goal looks like it is coming. Kroos cross is sent back to the throw.

18 & 1939 Marcelo down injured now. He wins a free.

16 & # 39; Real Madrid back on the ball and looking for roads. Casemiro over to Marcelo and they lose it before Vazquez wins back. He girls it by a Girona defender and has a shot. Bono with a rescue! Nice save also after a really good job from Vazquez.

16 & 1939 Pere Pons bundles Ramos over when they hunt down a long ball.

14 & 1939 Girona attacks left and Portu plays out to Raul Garcia. He can't reach it before it rolls over the line though.

13 & # 39; Real Madrid starts pushing the door lightly. A couple of Asensio crosses are rejected!

12 & 1939 Kroos tripped and the free whip in. Casemiro on the back after buying Girona removes it. Just as far as Varane but as he starts Real Madrid up again.

11 Couples cross from both sides from Real Madrid and the last one went out to Kroos. Real Madrid is in possession again and is trying to threaten.

9 & 1939 Ball down Perre Pons to the right. He can't control it and Ramos wins it back. Girona opens Real Madrid at the moment and spreads the ball around when they get the chance. No correct attempts from any side anyway. Ceballos gets out through the middle and he's busy.

7 & # 39; Portu comes in after Odriozola and plays inside, but Stuani can't stop it from going out for a goal kick. Another decent attack from Girona though.

6 & # 39; Handball by Vazquez and Girona wins it back. Real Madrid puts them under any kind of pressure, but Bono plays out to avoid Benzema's pressure.

5 & # 39; Marcelo down to Asensio and he fights to get the other side of Ramalho. He is forced backwards but Real Madrid holds holdings.

4 & # 39; They have it under control. Courtois is playing.

3 & # 39; Courtois with a busted nose right now and they are trying to stop the bleeding.

2 & # 39; Stuani with a golden chance. Courtois saves and hits the ground damaged. Stuani got the landing page of Varane, and was offside, but the game continued. Ball met Courtois on his head and he received treatment.

1 & # 39; We're heading for a very, very sunny Santiago Bernabéu.

Solari and Eusebio with a nice hug on the touchline.

Team in the tunnel and we are almost ready to go!

The message is that they are keen to protect Vinicius. And he finally gets rest. There is no doubt about his growing importance now and it will be very interesting to see how Real Madrid goes without him.

They have not won since November. Since then, they have taken four points from ten matches.

Asensio's first start in two months since the match against Rayo Vallecano at Bernabéu.

Marcelo will have his work cut out for him today with Pedro Porro to the right of Girona. The 19-year-old is a bundle of energy and in Eusebio's system he gets the freedom to attack at will!

Sergio Ramos and Nacho make a ban if they get another yellow card. That means a booking today and they will miss Levante and clear their slate for the Barcelona game in LaLiga after that! Will they force a card today?

Girona XI: Bono, Ramalho, Granell, Alcala, Porro, Pere Pons, Carnero, Juanpe, Portu, Stuani, Douglas Luiz.

Marco Asensio sent Solari an early reminder with his performance against Ajax. He starts today!

Solari was expected to call the changes today and he is kind of. Two changes on the back with Marcelo and Odriozola in for Carvajal and Reguilon while Ceballos replaces suspended Modric and Asensio comes in for Vinicius.

Real Madrid XI: Courtois; Odriozola, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo; Casemiro, Kroos, Ceballos; Lucas Vázquez, Benzema, Asensio.

Hello and welcome to live online coverage of Real Madrid vs Girona from Bernabéu with kick-off coming at 12:00 CET.

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