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Massive Google Android TV leak continues with video teaser if maybe the interface is on the way

Yesterday, our friends at XDA Developers snagged some petitions and marketing photos from a leaked video of Google’s now-long-anticipated Android TV dongle, which could be codenamed “Sabrina.”

; They have also confirmed that Sabrina comes with a dedicated remote control, which was previously rumored. But better than that, they have just released a video that features the new Android TV transformation in action.

Although it contains lots of additional comments, the video clearly shows how some different aspects of Android TV redesign can behave. But these films go back to last year, and they can simply be mockups based on designs that Google has since changed. So take everything here with a little pinch of salt – these details are legitimate, but they may be a bit outdated if Google has changed slightly since then.

“Sabrina” will be available in three colors: black, white and a flesh-tone pink.

The overall design of the new dongle will be a bit more oval than the current Chromecast hardware, with what XDA speculates could be a sandstone-like matte structure. Pictures showed it in three colors: black, white and a flesh-like pink. The remote control was only shown in white, but it may have other colors to match.

Remote images from an FCC list (left) and the leaked firmware (right).

The remote itself is pretty Googly, with a simplified hardware interface and just two rows of buttons outside the directional pad, according to these pictures. One of these buttons is for the assistant, and Android TV’s usual back and home buttons are also available, plus a new “favorite” button – who knows what it does. A microphone will probably also be included in the remote control.

It is not yet clear if dedicated buttons for any partner streaming service will be included, but it is speculated that a programmable IR blaster may also be built-in.

These pictures do not tell the whole story, watch the video at the top to see these changes in action.

These still images from the video included in the firmware showcase the new “content-focused” interface that the previously rumored Android TV redesign included in Google’s dongle will have. In the center is an auto-scrolling carousel of advertised content, which also lists the provider you need to watch it. Below is a list of TV shows and movies. Hedge warning overlays (which can expand to fill the screen) are also planned, as you can see just above.

According to the video, built-in live YouTube integration is also planned, apparently baked into the launch itself, rather than through a separate app. Better assistant integration also seems planned, with a more intuitive interface when performing general searches through the assistant. .

XDA could further say from a breakdown of firmware that the device will support Dolby Vision and is based on an AMlogic SoC. Brand and availability are still unknown at this time. Nor could XDA confirm the previously leaked pricing, which was set at about $ 80.

Some of these details raise more questions than they answer when it comes to rebuilding Android TV, and it’s probably difficult to judge them in isolation without trying it all for ourselves. But now we have a glimpse of what to expect. With Pixel 4a and Android 11 Beta launches both delayed, however, we may be in a wait until we hear more from Google about “Sabrina.”

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