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Marie Yovanovitch admits that the Obama admin prepared her for Hunter Biden

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified on Friday that the Obama administration was so concerned about Hunter Biden's job on the Burma Board that she was asked questions about the White House staff before her Senate confirmation in 2016. [19659002] In response to questions from GOP attorney Stephen Castor, Yovanovitch testified at the House Intelligence Committee's second public impeachment hearing that she had been informed of the lucrative player Hunter Biden landed with the petroleum producer – who paid the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden about $ 50,000 per month despite his apparent lack of relevant experience – but took no action when she arrived at her post.

"As I said in August 201

6, several months before the election and several months before President Trump took office. And it wasn't a focus on what I was doing during that six-month period, "she replied.

Castor then pressed her why she didn't take any action.

" We – I was aware of it, because, as I told you before, in the deposition that there had been one – when it comes to preparing for my Senate confirmation meetings for Ukraine, there was a question about it and a chosen answer. So I was aware of that, yes, "Yovanovitch said, not giving the answer she was trained to give.

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"My understanding from newspaper accounts is that he just recently left, 2019. I have never met him, never talked to him."

But GOP rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) later hammered home the point that the Obama administration was worried enough about the younger bidets Ukraine job that staff were preparing Yovanovitch to respond to them for the confirmation.

The question was formulated in this model Questions and Answers were, what can you tell us about Hunter Biden, do you know that he was appointed to the Board of Burisma? "So for the millions of Americans watching, President Obama's own State Department was so worried about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden's role on Burisma that they raised it themselves while preparing this wonderful ambassador's name before her confirmation," Stefanik said.

And yet our Democratic colleagues and the chairman of Thi's committee cry foul when we dare to ask the same question that the Obama administration was so concerned about. But we will continue to ask it. "

Later, the Texas GOP Rep. John Ratliffe Yovanovitch asked what the answer in the Obama administrator's information book was.

" It was something along the lines of, "I would refer you to Vice President's Office on it, "Yovanovitch replied.

She said that the information book she had received contained hundreds of questions, and Burisma was not the only company named, adding that she could not remember the names of the others.

Republicans have repeatedly emphasized Hunter Biden's position with Burisma and accused his father, while vice president, of dismissing a prosecutor investigating the company, Viktor Shokin.

Democrats responded that Republicans were trying to distract Trump's call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, asking him to investigate Bid and Burisma.

VP Biden, they said, implemented US policy by pushing him to the extent of the prosecutor's failure to fight hard enough to prevent corruption, and that the European Union and the International Monetary Fund also supported his firing.

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