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Maria Butina's boyfriend claimed that he set up Trump-Russia NRA "channel" when campaign funds flowed

Granted Russian spy Maria Butina's Republican operational boyfriend wrote in private communication that he was involved in setting up a "very private communication line" between Russia and the Trump campaign using the National Rifle Association as a "leadership".

Butina, a 30-year-old Russian gun law activist, worked for years to grow relations in Republican and national circles. She was accused of working as an agent for the Russian government earlier this year and on Monday agreed to commit guilty to conspiracy charges and cooperate with prosecutors.

In his prosecution, Butina treated her and "US Person 1

," the long-standing Republican operator Paul Erickson "agreed and cooperated with a Russian government official," whose description matches the Russian bank and closes Putin allies Alexander Torshin for Butina to "act in the United States under the leadership of a Russian official without prior notice to the lawyer" ABC News reported.

Under Torshin's direction, the document said that Butina "sought to establish unofficial communication lines with Americans who have power and influence over US politics."

According to ABC News, federal prosecutors have informed Erickson, who had a romantic relationship with Butina, that he now is a goal in the ongoing survey jon.

According to her agreement, Butina agreed that with Erickson's help, she drafted a proposal called "Description of the Diplomatic Project" in March 2015 where she wrote that she had laid the foundation for an unofficial communication channel with the US administration. "

According to prosecutors, Erickson" worked with Butina to arrange introductions to American people influenced by American politics ", including NRA and organizers of National Prayer Breakfast.

By 2015, Butina organized a trip to former NRA- presidents and civil servants in Moscow, where she arranged a meeting for those of Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"We should let them express their gratitude now, we will press them silently later," she wrote to Torshin after the meeting.

About the same time, Erickson seems to have been able to know about Butina's work and helped

"Not Related to Specific Presidential Campaigns," Erickson wrote in October 2016 in an email to a FBI acquainted with the FBI: "I've been involved in securing a very private communication line between the Kremlin and the key [unnamed political party] leader through, by all lines, [unnamed gun-rights organization]. "

FBI investigators hit Erickson's house in South Dakota and found a note where he mused" How to respond to FSB's offer of employment? "The FSB is Russia's intelligence service and the successor to the infamous KGB.

Butina continued to attend" friendly dinners "with prominent conservatives and later a group of Russians arranged to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast in F ebruary of 2017.

In one E-mail to Erickson wrote Butina that the Russians came to bed for breakfast "to establish a communication channel" The Daily Beast reported.

Erickson sent the list of Russian participants to another person and wrote: "Response to The delegation's presence in America will be communicated directly "to Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Lavrov.

As these efforts were ongoing, NRA breaks out expense items with sums of money as never before seen from the group.

NRA, trusting an arm in the group who is not required to disclose their donors, spent [19659003] more than $ 30 million to elect President Donald Trump nearly tripled the $ 12.5 million they spent to help Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012. They spent a total of $ 54 million to choose Republicans in 2016.

Since the 2016 election, NRA has reduced its expenses drastically. McClatchy reported that the National Supervisory Authority had spent just $ 1.6 million to help Republicans, about 10 percent of the $ 16 million dollars spent by GOP candidates in the 2014 midterm

. NRA not only spent a lot of money to help Trump win. Watchdog Groups filed a complaint with federal election commission accusing the NRA and Trump campaign to illegally coordinate ads to influence the 2016 election. According to The Trace both the NRA and Trump campaign were illegally coordinated to the point where their ad purchases approved by the same person at National Media Research.

"This is very strong proof of no evidence of illegal coordination," said Larry Noble, a former FEC Secretary General, The Trace. "This is the value of the parliamentary elections, and the same person acts as an agent for the NRA and the Trump campaign."

The NRA's struggle has continued. On Monday, the gun lobby group had to resign at least one outstanding host at its NRA TV outlets.

After Trump's choice, Butina wrote to Torshin, "I'm ready for further orders."

She was arrested earlier this year and has now agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. Erickson seems to face the threat of prosecution himself.

And Torshin? He seems to have been forced to retire.

Bloomberg reported that Torshin retired at the end of November, just as Butina now appeared to have an agreement with prosecutors to admit that she acted as an agent on his behalf.

Butina's cooperation will likely lead allegations against Erickson, whose relationship to Butina is not clear.

The Russian Central Bank issues a statement on its retirement and declined to elaborate. Prosecutors argued that Butina "appeared [ed] to treat [her relationship with Erickson] as merely a necessary aspect of her business" and privately expressed "contempt" for having to live with him.

Butina's lawyer Robert Driscoll insisted on ABC News that the two were in a mutually romantic relationship.

"I think in some way it's a classic love story," said Driscoll. "I think [reporters] fills a lot with the gaps with many spy novels."

Igor Derysh

Igor Derysh is a New York-based political writer whose work has been performed in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald and Baltimore Sun.
Igor Derysh


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