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Madden Rating Makes Rookie QB look good

Cole McDonald used pre-draft training as more than just a way to work with his skills. He also measured against some of the best prospects of the year.

McDonald coached former NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer along with Joe Burrow, the first overall pick in this year’s draft, another selection in the first round, Jordan Love, and second. At the same time, he kept score in whatever way he could.


7;s competition at the end of the day,” McDonald said on the draft of the day. “Having these guys around me and being around these guys is a blessing to just be in that position to see what the draft of the first round is. Be (Burrow) towards where I am at. Where all the quarterbacks work, what it takes, what does it really take to be an NFL quarterback.

“It was a huge blessing to be around those guys, in the same room, on the field. I feel like when it comes to my game, it got my game raised to the next level. Just be friendly at the end of the day, be able to look at what you need to work on and be able to isolate it, take something from someone else and use it to be the best you can be. It was really good. “

Keeping that in mind, the Tennessee Titans’ seventh round must feel good about how he measures up against the rest of this year’s rookie quarterbacks – almost, at least.

EASports has released their Madden 21 player ratings for beginners of the year quarterbacks and wide receivers, and McDonald, a two-year starter in Hawaii, is tied for eighth among quarterbacks with a total rating of 60. He was the 10th of 13 selected in his position this year but has the same overall rating as James Morgan, a fourth-round pick by Jets from Florida International, and a better rating than Jake Luton, a sixth-round pick by Jacksonville from Oregon State.

McDonald earned an 89 for accuracy and an 86 for speed, both of which tied Heisman Trophy runner Jalen Hurts, a second-round pick, and Utah’s Tyler Huntley, undrafted for the top spot in each category. He is also in the top five of the throwing force with an 88.

He takes a big hit in consciousness, where he got 58.

The Titans were one of nine teams that did not draft a wide receiver this year.

“For this next level, it’s a huge critical thing to be able to read defense,” McDonald said. “Being able to identify different players in certain packages will be a big deal. I’m ready to learn. I’m ready to get all the information and be a sponge and suck it up. I’m excited to come out and be a better football player. “

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