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Lyrics site Genius says that it caught Google copying texts "red-handed"

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Genius is probably one of the most popular lyrics sites around, but it says that Google steals more than just traffic with the search giant's own text functionality.

The text site told Wall Street Journal that Google has used texts directly from Genius.com. Furthermore, the website informed Google of the infringements in 2017 and again in April.

"Over the past two years, we have again shown that Google is showing unpleasant evidence that they are showing texts copied from Genius," a site representative told the outlet.

That "undeniable evidence" is embedded in the texts, because Genius uses a specific pattern of straight and curly apostrophes in them. When converted to Morse code, the pattern plays "red handed". It claims that it found over 100 examples of stolen texts via this method.

Google told Wall Street Journal that texts are licensed from partners rather than created by the Mountain View company. The company later added that it investigated the issue and would stop trading with partners who "did not maintain good practices".

Google text partner LyricFind has denied the swiped content from Genius and claimed that it produces texts via its own content team. Whatever the case, it seems as if it took a while for Google to investigate the claims. What do you do about these statements? Let us know in the comments!

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