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"Luigi Assist Mode" Makes Super Mario Maker 2 More Accessible

 Super Mario Maker 2

There was a lot to learn about each of Nintendo's upcoming Switch titles on the first day of Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2019. When the localization team sat down alongside Super Mario Maker 2 producer Takashi Tezuka, viewers were able to learn a little bit more about what to expect from the building game arriving in a few weeks time.

of info regarding the follow up to the Wii U original, read on. In the game's story mode, there's a 'part' icon in the bottom left side of the screen. During a preview of a night level, we got to see how exactly it functions.

If you're struggling with a course, the game will notice this and Luigi's course parts will be accessible, allowing you to select from a small assortment useful items such as stars, mushrooms and even blocks to modify the course.

Translated by Google Translate How to use the Luigi assist mode Everybody can play through levels, regardless of their experience:

"I wanted to make that was something for people who might have trouble with these stages, so that they would also be able to make their way through it ̵

1; so include some way to help people that might not be as advanced as other players.

Tezuka further explained how it is a game about making after all, and it's a very "light-hearted" addition:

"This is a game about making, so I thought it would be fun if there was a way to include a little bit of course, even when you're playing a course, l ike this, so we included this Luigi assist mode.

"I wanted people to have a light-hearted casual way to add some making elements to courses while they were playing them … That means you don" t have to persevere "

Are you happy to hear Super Mario Maker 2 is more accessible? Are you looking forward to this game's release? Tell us down in the comments.

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