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Lori Loughlin's "Fuller House" Future Dim due to elite school bribe scandal

First, the Hallmark Channel cut was Lori Loughlin loose earlier today after her accused engagement in the elite college admission fraud scheme. Now it seems inevitable that Netflix will not invite the actor to know around the world as Aunt Becky back for the fifth and final season Fuller House .

"She's toast, it's over," said a well-located source of Loughlin's Tanner residence length.

But no official final decision has been made by streamer or distributor Warner Horizon Television on still UTA-repped Loughlins Fuller House fate, I am told that writing is quite clear on the wall. A final judgment could come as soon as the next day or so.

The timing would not be surprising given the pace of events since the FBI and the US lawyer for the Massachusetts district revealed on March 1

2 the 50 people accused of $ 25 million scam to quickly trace children from the rich to the best schools of fake athletic or fake SAT scores

In fact, writing is at the heart of the Netflix and WB production arm solution for Jeff Franklin created the show and the drenched Loughlin scandal.


Although a last season of the sequel to the ABC site that ran from 1987 to 1995 was announced in late January, one month after Season 4 was launched, nothing much has actually happened since. An author's room is still in the stages to come together for the pen's latest pop culture infused 18 episodes of Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber and the Jodie Sweetin-led series.

Similar previous cycles, Season 5 by Fuller House looks like premiere in recent weeks this year.

Anything that involves losing the recurring guest role can occur with a line or two that should not yet be written about how Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis had to go San Francisco suddenly. It is really far from the deep re-edits or other "creative solutions" that Hallmark producers are trying to find on their series that Loughlin played.

As they have since the scandal broke on Tuesday, Netflix today had no comment on Loughlin and Fuller House . Warner Horizon TV did not comment on the issue.

Arrested and arraigned on Wednesday in the federal court in Los Angeles about conspiracy charges arising from the nationwide investigation was announced the day before by federal investigators, Loughlin is currently out on a 1 billion bond month bond. Limited to travel in continental US and Vancouver for work – but the latter seems irrelevant now that Hallmark owner Crown Media Family Networks said Thursday that "we're no longer working with" the actor at all.

The ongoing Loughlin starring Garage Sale Mysteries TV movie franchise has been immediately canceled by Hallmark from today. At the same time, producers were encouraged for top marks and definitely not interrupted When Calls The Heart explores a variety of options to continue without Loughlin's Abigail Station character for the rest of the newly debuted sixth season and beyond. [19659003] As part of a year-long investigation, American crime star Felicity Huffman and 30 other parents were captured Loughlin and her fashion designer, Mossimo Giannulli, attempted to suck the system. The couple are accused of paying "bribes totaling $ 500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters appointed as recruits to the USC crew team – even though they did not attend the crew – which facilitates their access to the USC," according to the 200-page accusation.

Like what went down in her husband's arraignment on March 12, Loughlin will appear in court next March 29 for hearing in Boston. On the other hand, while the charges carry a sentence of potentially five years behind the bars, no one expects that it is likely that Huffman, Loughlin or many of the white collars will spend somewhere in the vicinity of that in prison, at all.

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