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Look at Tesla's record-breaking Laguna Seca shipyard

In 2016, Musk tweeted that Pledge would be reserved for the upcoming Roadster so it seems the plans have changed. He explained today in another tweet that the triple engine Plaid installation is "about a year away", with plans to make it available in Model S, X and Roadster, but not the cheaper / smaller Model 3 or Y.

This is not really the Taycan-contending Nürburgring chorus that Musk had originally promised we would see this week, but he later mentioned that the company would need to do more review and testing before trial.

Our friends at Autoblog have picked up spy pictures of a modified Model S P100D that is, which Musk promised to drive around the German roadway right now, so hopefully the fight between sporty EVs will get some comparable information soon.

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