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Lockheed Martin's completed lunar life is one step closer to the moon

Several companies are working on the technology needed to return the man to the moon. Part of the technology gives astronauts a place to live and work while on the moon. Lockheed Martin works with a moon habitat and has announced that its full-scale prototype, called Habitat Ground Test Article (HGTA), has been completed.

The living environment of the prototype was gathered in a resumed ship's container, called a versatile logistics module at the Kennedy Space Center. The habitat was built with rapid prototyping and modern design tools such as VR and AR. The interior is adapted to utilize the entire volume of the module to accommodate a variety of tasks.

Tasks include scientific missions and the personal needs of astronauts living indoors. The team that is responsible for the living environment says that during the last five months they have used tools such as virtual and enhanced reality to make the construction process easier and more efficient. Lockheed Martin also used expertise from robot missions such as OSIRIS-REx and Insight to integrate reliable robotic capabilities into the design.

Lockheed says the next step is to pass the prototype habitat to the NASA NextSTEP team for assessment. The first real test for the habitat will be during the week of March 25, when a team of NASA astronauts will live and work within the prototype.

The astronauts will evaluate the layout and give feedback on the design. NASA's team will also validate the overall design. Once the NASA team is ready, lockheed to optimize and study the prototype to prepare for other multi-groups.

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