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Lil Wayne Prestation ends suddenly after fear of shooting Send Crowd Running

Chaos broke out as Lil Wayne performed at the 2018 A3C Atlanta Festival on Sunday after fear of a possible shot, the crowds sent panic.

WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta received video of the panic flight from Georgia Freight Depot where Wayne just started performing on Sunday night. Music and tech reporter Cherie Hu wrote on Twitter that she was at the concert when suddenly the bolt bumped.

"Crowd at @ a3c just started stamping away from the scene, a few minutes in Lil Wayne's performance," she wrote. "Nobody knows what just happened – some say a brawl spiral out of control – but security is evacuating the entire site. I'm sure and will update when I learn more."

A FOX 5 reporter in Atlanta wrote on Twitter that at least six people were injured in the chaos, no one of them serious.

The organizers of the festival issue a statement on Sunday night saying that there was no one shot and panic was caused by a battle that broke out:

"Unfortunately, there was a mistake tonight that ended Lil Wayne's performance. We still gather information to determine exactly what happened and will provide follow-up information as soon as we know more details "read the statement. "Be careful that the law enforcement authorities have confirmed that there were no weapons. This was a very unfortunate way to end what had been another great week of music, friendship and connections. Thank you to all for your amazing support and positive energy all week. We love you. "

Wayne himself tweeted a short message to fans shortly thereafter.

"Hope everyone on A3C is safe !!" he wrote on Twitter.

For a brighter moment with Lil Wayne, watch the video below.

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