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Life coach Tony Robbins apologizes for comments on #MeToo motion

Robbins argued with a woman's name Nanine McCool during a March 15th. Release the Power Within event of how the # MeToo motion is used. McCool published the exchange on his personal YouTube account on March 25th. Robbins immediately resigned for what he said.
"My comments failed to reflect the respect I have for everything Tarana Burke and the # MeToo movement have achieved," Robbins said in a statement the woman refers to the credition to start the movement in 2006. "I pray I apologize for suggesting nothing but my deep admiration for the # MeToo movement. "

The video shows Robbins who stands above McCool and at a point with her fist to drive her to metaphorically show how some women use movement.

"If you use the # MeToo movement to try to gain meaning and security by attacking and destroying someone else, you have not grown an ounce. All you've done is basically using a drug called importance for you to good, Sade Robbins during the event.

McCool acknowledged during the exchange there are people who use the # MeToo movement for their own gain but also said that there are people trying to make it safe for other women.

"You are a leader and an influential man, and you make a dissatisfaction, in my opinion, to the # MeToo movement, "McCool told Robbins.

Robbins said during the event that he can not do a dysfunction because the women in the room continue to do what they think

"It's not Just What Women Think It's About What People Think." McCool said.

"I will not be unauthorized and say I'm sorry for something I'm not sorry about. for, "said Robbins at the end of the exchange.

After the exchange, it was published by the entertainment news NowThis Entertainment where it became viral when it was published Friday.

Tarana Burke, who started the # MeToo movement, said on Twitter Saturday that Robbin's representatives reached her.

"They wanted to" give me context "apparently," she said in tweets. "I do not need any. I have eyes".

Burke said she saw the whole exchange and said that Robbin's "misogyny runs deep."

McCool published another video on Saturday after the NowThis video went viral, saying that she had not planned to exchange that with Robbins, but is "grateful and honored to be the catalyst for this discussion."

"If we all agree with each other, if we shut down all people who do not agree with us, then we have no discussion and we will nowhere," she said, adding that she did not believe in bashing Robbins.

"I hope what we can actually do is make a discussion with Tony Robbins instead of Tony Robbins," she said.

Robbins, in his apologies, acknowledged Sunday that he has a lot to learn.

"I'm determined to be part of the solution," he said.

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