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Let’s highlight the most famous horses in the world.


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  1. The horse that gave the city its name. The wayward handsome Bucephalus (Bukefal) is one of the most famous horses in world history, a true friend and comrade of Alexander the Great. In his honor, the king even named one of the cities, which is now called Jalalpur and is located in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

And friends met when Alexander was only 1

2 years old. Bucephalus was presented to his father, but the horse was so wild in nature that no one was able to saddle him. Observing Alexander guessed that the animal was afraid of the shadows of the riders, and turned his horse in the face towards the sun. When he pulled away, the boy ran alongside and, only making sure that the horse was breathing evenly, jumped onto his back.

Bucephalus went through many battles with his master. When the horse grew old, Alexander, preserving the strength of a comrade before the battle, transported him on campaigns on other horses in a special wagon. Bucephalus died under his master in one of the battles.


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  1. Horse Sen. Incitatus, a stallion of Spanish descent, had no special merits for the people. He performed well at horse racing, but gained worldwide fame thanks to his crazy master, whom Julius Caesar was known for his antics. The Roman emperor spared nothing for the pet: he made a marble stable, ivory feeders, presented a purple blanket and a collar with precious stones. Everything is as it should be: made a citizen of Rome, married, gave the real house, and then a career, he appointed a stallion as a senator and even brought him to a meeting. Incitatus should have become a consul, but the political career did not work out – the owner was killed.                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Longevity Billy. With an average life span

of these animals at 25-30 years, he lived all 62. And this is with everyday hard work! Throughout his life, Billy worked for one of the English companies, transporting cargo ships in tow along the canal (in the 1700s horse barges were used to transport goods throughout England).

The only existing image of Billy is captured two years before his death in lithography of 1820. Here old Billy with his master Henry Harrison, who had known him for 59 years. Today, the skull of the long-lived horse is kept in the Manchester Museum, and a stuffed head is exhibited in the Belford Museum.

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  1. Eclipse Invincible. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s time to get to know: before you is the holder of the title “Horse of the Century” and the founder of the horse prize for speed. You can only imagine what a sports betting atmosphere was reigning

with this champion. No one online casino enthusiasm could be compared. Eclipse (which, by the way, means “eclipse”) spoke at the races for twenty-three years and was never defeated. He has won 11 “Royal Chalices” awarded to the best horses of Great Britain. Nobody has managed to win so many awards. He was born on April 1, 1764.

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  1. The long-maned miracle – Linus. That’s who all the young ladies of the late 19th century were envious of, and, perhaps, the current ones will also not remain indifferent! This descendant of wild Oregon long-haired horses (breed now lost) has become famous for its mane and tail. The length of his silky mane was 4 meters 27 centimeters, and a magnificent tail – 3 meters 66 centimeters. In 1894, at the age of 10, Linus died from a lightning strike.

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