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Lego’s interactive Super Mario devices will be available on August 1st, pre-orders start today

Following Lego and Nintendo’s surprise announcement in March that the two companies were working on interactive Super Mario Lego game sets, we finally get details about the actual sets and how the interactive video games-in-reality will work. Lego and Nintendo also announced the prices and release dates for the sets, which will be out on August 1st.

The cornerstone of Super Mario Legends are Adventures with Mario Starter Course, set to cost $ 59.99 and include the interactive, Bluetooth-enabled Mario figure. In addition to the smartphone connection, the figure also has LCD screens on Mario̵

7;s eyes, mouth and stomach to show reactions and playing elements, and a speaker for music and sound effects. There are also sensors for detecting color, movement and special “action bricks” that can interact with the figure in different ways. (However, Mario himself is battery-powered for anyone hoping for a USB-C-powered plumber.)

The Adventures with Mario Starter Course
Photo: Lego / Nintendo

The basic set allows players to contract their own module path as they collect digital coins and go through their own Mario level (going from a starting beep to a goal flag at the end), fighting against Goomba and Bowser Jr. figures along the way. As part of the experience there is also a Lego Super Mario app that scores points and helps players design new courses.

Building on the starting course set are the first two expansion kits, which add new challenges and characters for players to add to their courses (think of it as IRL DLC for your IRL Mario game). The first is a $ 29.99 Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set, which (as the name implies) adds a couple of Piranha plants, a Koopa Troopa and new game elements to the mix. The second is the largest of the three initial sets: the $ 99.99 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set, which lets players face Bowser himself.

Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set
Photo: Lego / Nintendo

The two expansion sets are also completely modular, which means that players will be able to expand and integrate the sets in their courses however they want. And it is quite possible that Lego and Nintendo will offer more expansion sets in the future.

Pre-orders for Super Mario The Lego Starter Course set starts today, with all three sets scheduled to launch on August 1st.

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