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LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers played with significant hand injury

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James played the last three games of the NBA final with a significant and "self-injured" injury after team game 1 overtime loss in Oakland. [19659015] After Golden State Warrior's sweep of Cleveland Cavaliers, several NBA players took on Twitter to express their views on the Golden State dominance and LeBron James future.

  • Dramatic moves took Cleveland a championship in 2016. Now they can get the pain.

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    Sources told ESPN that the damage was the result of James striking a blackboard in the storage space after that game.

    "I made feelings get the best of me and quite mu ch played the last three games with a broken hand," said James after Friday's game 4-loss for Golden State Warriors.

    James had two MRIs in the series and had a casting when he was not training, playing or playing.

    Brian Windhorst (19659022) played the role during his press conference after Friday's game.


    explains that LeBron James fought through a high injury in the NBA final after having hit a board after match 1.

    James scored 51 points in the match, 7 out of 16 left the field at shot from 10 ft and out in Game 1. He struggled to shoot from such distances in the remaining three games and went in a collective 5-in-19. His average shooting distance, however, went from 12.6 feet in the match 1 to 10 feet in the match 2, 9 feet in Match 3 and 4.7 feet in game 4, per ESPN statistics and information.

    James described this game 1-loss as "very emotional" to him.

    "For many different reasons," he said. "Understand how important a game is on the way to our ball club, what [winning it] would have done for us. How we played, the conversations made throughout the game and I had feelings that the game was removed from us. I had the feeling that you just do not get an opportunity like this on the way to the Golden State to get a game 1. "

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