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Who is the president of Sudan's military council Abdul Fattah Burhan? (Profile)

The name of the Secretary-General of Sudan's armed forces, Abdelfattah Burhan, was often repeated in recent days before the transition military council, President Awad bin Auf, came out to announce his abdication and select the evidence behind him.

On Friday night, Ben Awaf announced his abdication as junta chief, less than 24 hours after he was sworn in as President of the Council, after President Omar al-Bashir had been removed and the two-year transition.

Burhan, who, along with the decisions of the newly isolated president, led to changes in the leadership Army after the escalation of popular protests in February.

Beshir, 60, was appointed Inspector General for the Armed Forces after being promoted from one team to a team.

The man worked on Friday in the seat outside armed forces. Speaks to the former head of the Sudanese Congress Party, Ibrahim al-Sheikh (opposition), who chanting with the protesters about the regime's fall.

According to Anatolia's correspondent, Burhan, the third three who told Al-Bashir, he took him away from the presidency on Thursday.

People near the head of the new military junta say he has no connection with any political organization, which improves his chance of succeeding right now. 1

9659002] The military man's biography also shows that he supervised the Sudanese forces in Yemen and spent the last period traveling between Yemen and the UAE.

An Anatolian Army officer, who prefers not to be named, says "evidence" of his military engagement and performed many operations when he was an officer of the infantry.

He adds: "It is hard to say is the man of the scene, since it is a critical stage in the country's history and needs a personality with special abilities. The qualities of a military man are not enough to lead the country."

He stressed that he could find acceptance from various political forces as a moderate, Islami. "

A close relative of Abdel Fattah Burhan describes the man as" infallible "and recalls that he worked as a trainer in military institutions in the Jebit region, east of the country. 1965) and Brahman from the" Kundto "west of the city" Shendi "in the northern state (north) graduated from the military college in the 31st department and fought military battles during the days of southern war before the south Sudan from southern Sudan from mother Sudan 2011.

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