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The climate relationship will not remain. "Norma" scared. The storm "Tracy" comes Sunday weather

Storm Norma has receded since yesterday afternoon, admitting that the citizens breathe the relief hatch and inspect the damage to their property, after the shaky road works damaged citizens and revealed buildings and corruption of contractors who did not calculate climate change this year, the storm caused only significant losses.

Norma stormed the door to open the door of her tougher friend Tracy, who came with another lay from Central Europe, which gathered heavy rain from Lebanon on Sunday. What is mandatory for the citizens I again.

The Meteorological Department of the Meteorological Department of the Civil Aviation Department predicted that Thursday's weather is partly cloudy against low clouds with limited temperature rise and the risk of icing on mountain roads over 800 m during early morning and night time, Beware of the risk of slipping.

The storm: Norma comes back from the Mediterranean and Lebanon's eastern basin with the effect of the cold masses. Friday weather is low cloud to partly cloudy with high clouds with further temperature increase and the risk of icing on mountain roads over 1

000 meters Early morning and night hours.

Heat on the coast from 7 to 14 degrees, over the mountains from -1 to 5 degrees, in cedar from -6 to below zero, from inside from -1 to 7 degrees.

Chairman of the Board, Director General of the Agricultural Research Center in Tel Amara-Rayak, Dr. Michel Afram, confirmed that "the rest of the climate The lower" Tracy "according to the appointment of the Agricultural Research Organization is on its way to Lebanon and will arrive next Sunday. followed by another low from Central Europe and they will merge and carry heavy rain to Lebanon, but it must not be heavy compared to the low "Ghattas" While Tracy will bear snow on the mountains, Afram warned for the strong winds, especially in Beirut.

In this context, the Director General of Civil Defense Raymond Khattar stated that "no damage or serious cases incurred by the storm on the ninety-nine mission Executed by civil defense members over the last 24 hours. "

He stressed that" civil defense elements Mstnfron the seventeen states were rescued from snow and thirty-two of the floods, and roads have been opened by the collapse of dust and trees and the accumulation of snow. Sixteen cases of fire extinction were recorded as a result of the use of heating equipment. "

From Saida, correspondent to General General Samer Zu & # 39; said that after the storm had been besieged, the city saw inspection trips. (19659002). He was accompanied by the coordinator for future movement in the south. Dr Nasser Hamoud, member of the coordinator for future movement, Mohieddin Al-Nawam and coordinator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Popular communication Mahmoud al-Qaisi and consultant General Secretary of the Sidawi affairs Ramzi Morjan », in the presence of the municipal councilor Mohamed Korsali, head of the engineering department of the municipal engineer Ziad Hakkawi and police officer of Saida Badr al-Qawam.

The tour was an overview of the general situation in the country and discussed Sidawi, Al-Hariri praised the efforts of Saida municipalities and their teams before the storm. He thanked the municipal workers and their fire brigade for their efforts and quick action to relieve the storm. In Saudi Arabia about the problem of collecting water in the eye and some of the excavations taking place in the city, he informs him that this problem is being addressed and that all the wells will be completed within a few days.

In this context, a Union delegation of trade unions and users in Lebanon The southern sectors were hit by the storm in Sidon, presented by Union President Abdul Latif Tariqi and included: Member Nazih Snapple and member of the General Drivers Union in southern Ibrahim Bukhari, one visits to a number of sectors in Saida to see their situation, especially after the storm that hit Lebanon and hit by their sectors.

He started Walter During his meeting with them at the Fishermen's Cafe opposite Medina's port and in the presence of a number of members of their trade union, he informed them of the sector's reality and its needs and its negative impact on the storm leading to The fish movement generally ceases, especially during the recent storm that paralyzed this sector for several days, and that the fisherman is due to his livelihood to catch his day.

Then, the Union's delegation went to the public Sidon position, which is monitored by the municipality, inspecting the driving conditions, especially after the storm, listening to their affairs and their grief before going to the first industrial city of Sidon, inspecting the institutions and industry stores and meeting a number of their owners and employees Especially after the storm.

The delegation completed the tour of the second industrial city of Ghazia, where it inspected the damage caused by some industrial interests and institutions through the storm and heard from some industrialists the reality of the industrial city and the needs and requirements of the sectors operating there.

Sidon held an extraordinary session during the presidency of the Saudi Arabian engineer who was studying what the city faced during the storm Norma and the challenges of the municipal law and other challenges.

After the meeting, the Saudi Arabian engineer pointed out that "the City Council noted the capacity and efficiency of the city infrastructure in the heavy rain, Command As Estimated because the storm was very difficult compared to earlier storms that were less striking, although some of the streets received water pools, which indicates that the infrastructure was at a challenge level and showed that there is no damage in this regard in Sidon City. "

] The Saudi Arabian engineer addressed the problem of dust carried by rainwater from the eastern part of the city through the corner of the village", and points out that this issue is under discussion.

Our correspondent Gamal Khalil reported that the public street linking the cities Tire and Sidon and Al-Qasimiya / Burj Rahal were in disintegration and collapse and became a danger to Tire traffic.

The association of the train district association Hassan Hamoud (Mayor of Burj Rahal) stressed the need to accelerate the restoration of the site to slip and praised the civil defense efforts in the Rahal tower

The floods that occurred alongside natural drains in the villages, along with the Litani River, are mainly caused by intrusion into their sanctuary.

From Baalbek, our correspondent Mohammed Abu Esber reported that municipal bulldozers had worked since early in the morning on the snow on the inner roads, while the bulldozers we d the Ministry of Public Works opened international and main roads to break the isolation of mountain villages. The temperatures below zero reduced the formation of ice, which makes the traffic relatively light and damages the crops.

The storm also caused a power outage in Baalbeck and most of the villages in the region still suffer since the last day electricity has been cut since Monday.

From Bekaa, our correspondent Ibrahim Al-Shobasi reported that the Dahr Al-Baidar road was opened yesterday, where the snow cover reached about 60 cm. In the Bekaa valley, the snow reached 800 meters, in particular Litani, and appointed the chairman of the board of the Department of Agriculture's scientific researcher, Dr. Michel Afram who lay "divers" gave a lot of good deeds, as the Litani River swam in Barelia's and Ali Ghazal River Bridge and swept the Syrians moving camps.

The head of Bekaa, Kamal Abu Jouda and the chairman of the board of directors of the agricultural research department of Tel Riaq, dr. Michel Afram issues a statement as follows: "Due to the mixing of rainwater with wastewater including the litany river, when you come in contact with the infected water, consult a doctor in case of any health effects. Farmers are forbidden to plant land before the tests are carried out and crops such as has been affected by this water should be damaged. "

From the North, It was recalled in the provinces of northern and Akkar That caused heavy damage to the crops, after the snow-covered villages over 650 meters high, while the mechanisms of the Ministry of Labor, civil defense and municipalities were concerned to open them.

In Batroun and at Meselha's fortress, the floods interrupted the international road on the western road following the collapse of the support wall next to the road in Ras al-Shak & # 39; a. This led the northern governor Ramzi Nahra to interrupt the road on the western road and turn the road into a lane from the east. In Akkar, the al-Kabir flood and flooded the orchard around it, flooding the orchard in the Akkar plain. The rivers swept through the Syrian refugees and entered houses and schools. Legal certainty and the Red Cross intervened to provide assistance to the residents. Cut the road between Ezel and Apart from the civil defense mechanisms to open the inner roads of Ehden.

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