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Leaked PS Plus games for June are probably too good to be true

We are in the process of finding out which free games Sony is giving away for June.

Like last month, some rumors and leaks have been rumored. Unlike last month, we already know that Call Of Duty: WWII will be free from tomorrow, as a kind of stop-gap-free game for May and June.


7;s a nice benefit considering how disappointing May’s free play was, especially compared to the leak.

Right now, only one game has leaked for June, and while it would be an incredibly free game for PS + subscribers, you should definitely bring it with a grain or two of salt. Maybe a whole tablespoon.

The game in question is Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, one of the best PS4 exclusives out there.

Players have discovered the game on PlayStation Store with a small PS Plus logo next to it, and the price has been set free.

This usually seems to be pretty solid evidence of that Spiderman is coming to the PS Plus gig next month. The problem? The game has just been added to PS Now, and there is apparently an error that sometimes happens when a game is added to the service where the PS Plus logo appears. It can very likely be so wrong in action.

It is still possible that we get both Call of Duty: WWII (an excellent shooter for World War II) and Marvel’s Spider-Man in the same month, with a third game also then WWII is not officially a June release. I just wouldn’t get your hopes up.

I gave Marvel’s Spider-Man and 9.5 / 10 as well Call of Duty: WWII and 9/10.

Don’t forget that Sony’s big sale of Days of Play is starting soon. It’s a good time to renew your PS Plus subscription with a hefty discount and get some cheap games. In fact, if Spiderman will not be coming to PS Plus next month, I bet you can pick it up cheaply during the sale.

Update 5/26

It may be useful to compare some of the biggest games released on PS Plus with their release date. Marvel’s Spider-Man released on September 7, 2018. It’s 627 days ago.

Uninterrupted 4 just released on PS Plus in April. It came out on May 10, 2016. It’s 1,477 days ago, give or take the almost two months since it landed on PS Plus. Still quite a bit longer.

PS4 exclusive bloodborne landed on PlayStation Plus in March 2018. That game came out in March 2015 – a three-year gap. Not so long between release and PS + as Uninterrupted 4 but longer than that Spiderman still if of course it is anything but a mistake.

With Spiderman less than two years old, it seems incredibly unlikely to come to the service next month. Then again. . .

Detroit Become Human released in May 2018. Exclusive Quantic Dream PS4 was released on PS Plus in July 2019. It’s only just under a year, and less time than between June and June Spider-Man is release.

In other words, although unlikely, it is still within the realm of possibility. If Sony has a PlayStation 5 Spiderman Announcing the sleeve this summer – reportedly in early June – giving this game away to PS Plus subscribers can be a great way to stem the hype and get people even more excited about the upcoming next gen console.

Maybe it’s the optimist in me, but I can see that reality, although I don’t think it’s likely. I would love to hear about a new one Spiderman games on PS5, that’s for sure.

Of course I already own Marvel’s Spider-Man so releasing it as a PS Plus game doesn’t affect me in one way or another, but I know many people probably haven’t played it and that’s a shame. It’s too good to miss.

Update 5/27

A second game for June has leaked ahead of Sony’s official announcement, which has not yet been made.

If true, this second game would be released along with the already released Call of Duty: WWII, meaning they would be the only games for June, though WWII actually came to PS Plus in May.

That would mean that if this leak is true, Spiderman the leak is false. It could also be that Spiderman leakage is just a mistake and the latest leak is simply false.

The game in question? Star Wars: Battlefront II.

This comes via Reddit and a short ad, but if the ad is real or fake remains to be seen and everything should still be taken with a grain of salt and then more salt. Many grains, a whole heaping spoon.

This would be a strange mix. Not just everyone assumed Call Of Duty: WWII was an extra bonus game, and that we got two more titles in June, both of these games are competitive first person shooters.

Granted, one is one Star Wars games and one is a historic WWII game, but both mainly involve the shooting of other players. The maps in Battlefront II is much bigger, and there are more vehicles, but I strongly prefer the game WWII.

So they are very different titles, but they are also very similar and we usually – but not always – get more variety from Sony.

Of course, as recently as this month, that was not the case, with Sony releasing a simple city building and an agricultural sim at the same time. So nothing would surprise me anymore.

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