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Late evening calls turn out to respond to the Mueller report

"I had a pretty good weekend. Not as good as Donald Trump's weekend, but still pretty good," "late show host" told his audience on Monday night.

Colbert opened Monday's show by talking about Delivery of Specialist Robert Mueller's report to the Justice Department on Friday. He also spoke about Advocate General William Barr's summary of the report. According to Barr's summary, Mueller found no evidence that the Trump campaign associate with the Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Colbert, who called Barr a "French Fred Flintstone", joked that the most worrying part of the news was that Trump was not actually a Russian asset.

"I say worried news, because if Trump does not work with the Russians, what is bad about him?" Colbert said. "If they have nothing on him, why does he keep saying good things about Vladimir Putin?"

The host continued to say that the end of Mueller's investigations was "anti-climactic". [1

9659005] "It's like saying," Guess which kids? Santa's coming! And he took most nothing, "said Colbert.

Colbert, who has been a tough critic of the president, said many people want Trump's critics to apologize. And he had to.

" I said one or two things about Donald Trump, like how he is a horrible president, "Colbert said." So … I'll just bite the hill and say it: Mr. President, if you look at, and I know you are, I'm sorry you are a horrible president. "

The Mueller report was also on the idea of ​​ABC's Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.

" I have not been so confused over an end since the serial "Lost", says Kimmel on Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Kimmel added that Trump said it would not disturb him if the Advocate General released the entire Mueller report.

"I think he said that about his treasures, too," Kimmel said. "So we'll see."

Trevor Noah of "The Daily Show" was also a bit confused by the report.

"Robert Mueller spends two years investigating obstacles to justice and his conclusion is" I don "t know what are you thinking?" Noa said Monday night. "If I wanted to answer my questions with questions I would not get a special advice, I would get a therapist!"

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