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Las Vegas Casinos: The Mysterious Blacklist of the Gambling Industry 


Blacklist, black book, whatever you want to call it, exclusive to casinos in Las Vegas the mysterious blacklist of the gambling industry is something rather elusive yet nevertheless interesting. It’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Las Vegas Casinos, usually of the more glam ilk.

Indeed, it’s something most people don’t think about, or even know about. But this mysterious blacklist has actually been swirling about the Vegas casino scene since 1960, and it lists every excommunicated gambler. Here’s everything you need to know about the mobsters and old Vegas you’ve all been waiting for. You can also check King Casino for new slots and promotions online!

The Culture of the Las Vegas Blacklist 

The gaming authorities in Vegas launched a public list of famous mobsters to keep casino operators in-the-know. It became the most frightening thing for mobster in Vegas, by why? The Vegas Blacklist became feared soon after its introduction to the gambling scene, and it was something that anyone wanted to avoid ̵

1; at all costs. 

This list consists of outrageous cheaters who were caught practicing intricate cheating systems to beat the casino and con them out of millions of dollars. No casino games were safe, as the cheating applied from slots to games like baccarat. The blacklist holds some of the most significant mobster names from the last century. 

How People get on the Las Vegas Blacklist 

People who get listed on the Vegas blacklist don’t just get on there overnight. It’s a long and arduous process which consists of the Vegas authorities going to a lot of trouble arresting people for breaking gambling laws. Indeed, if everyone made it to the blacklist there’d be thousands of names on there instead of just double digits. 

It’s quite an exclusive list to get onto, as you can see, but it’s not the kind of list you’d be proud of making it onto. It is after all, a list of criminals. And, unlike the cool lists, you can’t really get your name off this one. It’s so hard in fact that only one person ever made it off the list – and that was in 1967. 

You can’t go to a Casino, but here’s what Happens if you do 

By being on this blacklist, you’re banned from going to a casino again. But of course, you might. So then what happens? If someone from the list goes to a casino, they’re committing a crime. There’s a reason for being on the Las Vegas blacklist in the first place after all, and so it’s a class A misdemeanour. 

If someone is on this list, they’re likely on probation too and so this would be considered a violation. In addition, if a land casino doesn’t also abide by the blacklist they too are subject to penalties. So, now the fog which shrouds the Vegas blacklist has been cleared a little, here’s hoping you never get onto it. Remember to enjoy gambling responsibly and don’t waste time cheating.