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L.A.'s elite on the edge as prosecutor continues more parents in the dismissal scandal

He also referred to evidence of additional families – not debited at that time – which he foresaw the access order of his children before they ran out of it and said: "There are many children or parents who initially plotted with singers and drug then for various reasons. "

Of the parents, coaches and others who are already admitted, 20 people, including actress Felicity Huffman, have pleaded guilty or agreed to do so. Mr Singer, who collaborated with the government in his investigation, has charged himself with racketeering and other charges. Thirty others, including actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, the designer Mossimo Giannulli, have allegedly been guilty.

[Engelsandal two actresses take divergent paths.]

] It is unclear for the moment how many additional parents have recently been told by the government that they are being investigated, but some of the parents believe they are guilty, while others believe they have not done anything illegal, according to two defense consultants representing some of them.

Among a contingent of white collar defense lawyers in Los Angeles and Boston, everyone seems to have either a client in the case or is considering taking one. The lawyers who are new to the case – whose customers have not been burdened but are waiting and worrying about their colleagues who are already immersed in it for information, ask for their assessments of Rosen and other basic information, such as what kind of prosecution actions the government has Offered and if the defendants have received the discovery yet.

Prosecutors' steps to investigate further parents have already moved beyond telephone calls and target letters: They have issued lawsuits seeking bank records, accountant information, and telephone logs, according to two defense lawyers representing families now targeted.

All the time there is another group of Southern California parents – people who had hired Mr. Singer but not heard from the prosecutors at all – who is worried enough to have hired lawyers anyway. Many of them weigh if they want to volunteer with the authorities, in the hope of easy treatment, or if they are to lie down and hope their circumstances do not announce.

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