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Kylie Jenner's New Instagram Story About Travis Scott, the fans are buzzing about their relationships

In terms of keeping the privacy conditions private it is no secret that Kylie Jenner is basically a bona fide champion. And as far as hiding in common sight is it worrying? Yes, Kylie wrote quite a lot of rulebook on that too. So it's no surprise that Kylie Jner's new Instagram Story about Travis Scott, which seems to suggest that the couple is happily committed at least and making some serious plans for the future, has her followers on high alert.

If there is anyone who understands the full extent of Kylie's ability to keep big milestones in life (or just enough under wraps to make people guess, anyway), that's her fans. And given that the same fans were left almost completely in the dark of Kylie's first pregnancy last year ̵

1; even though Kylie regularly interacted with them on social media at the time – it makes sense that they keep an eye on all the inkling of another Stormy Webster sized secret brewing behind the scenes.

Hubbuben first picked up on Saturday night on October 6, after Kylie uploaded her Instagram Story with the image of her husband playing on Saturday Night Live . In a bold caption that superimposes the first IG video of the evening, which sees a shot shot of the rapper in the middle of his set, Kylie, "her fiancé" wrote three heart-eye-emojies. Of course, the post was on a certain serious speculation by fans, some of whom wondered if Kylie's smart way of letting them know that she and Scott had been married had been. Or, alternatively, at least think about it.

Kylie Jenner / Instagram Story

In the typical way of Kylie, the social media savant did not offer her IG after some contexts about the meaning behind the particular caption, if any. (Much like fans of the couple may like the thought of a secret wedding, it seems as if Kylies IG Story texting simply utilized a sweet, romantic pet name for his partner.) But while the internet may not have answers to the "hubby" question just yet, Kylie talked more about her relationship during Snapchat Q & A with her long friend, Jordyn Woods, a little later on Saturday night.

Those who looked at Q & A know that the official status of Kylie and Scott's relationship (ie are they dating? Engaged? Married?) Did not come up during that conversation. But Kylie talked a bit about her personal plans for the future. And while she may not have told Woods specifically, Kylie makes plans with Storm's dad in mind. Talking to Woods about whether to get another baby, Kylie said she wants, even though the question of exactly when remains in the air. "I'm definitely not ready just the other," she told her friend, meaningful, because Stormi was born less than a year ago.

Still, judging the rest of her comments to Woods, it really sounds like Kylie's already given Baby No. 2 pretty little thought. "Have I thought of baby names for my next baby?" said Kylie under Q & A. "I have, but I have not found anything I love love," she continued, but added that she definitely [wants] another girl, hopefully. "Of course, just because Kylie might think of adding a new member to her growing family does not necessarily mean that she would like to start on the journey with Storm's father for a second time.

As I said, after hearing Her serious attention to the comments of Woods about Scott and Storm's Father-Daughter, definitely confirms that the two are closer than ever. Talking about what Storm's personality is like during Q & A, Kylie revealed that her daughter in many ways is just like dad: 19659010] "They have this crazy connection and she's definitely a daddy's girl … When Dad is around, [it’s like] I'm not even there. "

And wow wished someone else now that they had access to any of these home videos? For those who still hung on the marriage problem: it appears that last year's lasting pregnancy question, it will respond to good time. Until then, you only have to decide for Kylie and her "fiancé" (whatever it means) continue to be loving partners and parents in the meantime.

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