Aside from commercials, most football fans usually fit into the Super Bowl for the half-time show. Last night Maroon took the 5 stage with Travis Scott and the home town of Big Boi in Atlanta for the Super Bowl. Travis Scott's decision to perform at the Super Bowl met with great criticism but no matter where many people were interested in seeing what he was wearing. One person who was particularly great about his performance was his daughter, Stormi. Kylie Jenner took on Twitter to share a clip of her daughter's reaction to seeing her dad perform on one of the largest platforms in America.

It's safe to say that Stormi Webster is Travis Scotts # 1

fan. Kylie Jenner shared a video of Stormi who was mesmerized by Scott's performance at the Super Bowl last night while rocking a tie-dye Astroworld hoodie. Regardless of the critics, Travis Scott should at least know that he will always be supported by his daughter

It is obviously a great weekend for Travis Scott – his first-born daughter turned one and he moved on the Super Bowl scene. However, Kylie Jenner shocked fans when she suggested Stormi might have siblings. She went to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Travis Scott and signed it "baby # 2?" which caused many to speculate that she is pregnant. She later confirmed that this is not the case, but it would not be shocking to find out that they expect another child.