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Kyle Lewis keeps the vision going

Beginners tend to have a high variance. The arrival of a new situation is often contextual and can be extremely difficult if you try to break into something that others have done for several years.

Moving to a new school? Scary.

Start a job with a bunch of people who already have internal jokes and friendships in the office? Devastating.

Deciding to give AC / DC a try, because you think if people have been enjoying their music for over 40 years, surely they can't all be wrong? … Not for everyone

Joining an MLB clubhouse for a season's final sip must be equally daunting. Kyle Lewis, Donnie Walton, Justin Dunn and Art Warren have all done it this week for the Seattle Mariners. While Lewis and Walton are the only two to emerge in a game yet, all four have been thrown into the deep end of a pool where others already tread water comfortably. First impressions are critical in these fight-or-flight scenarios, and Walton barely had time to devise a plan before it was tested.

While a sick move like this will impress your peers ten by ten times, there is still always the crushing importance of reality coming forward. The initial stage of a whole new endeavor, again, is tricky. Sometimes you start smoothly and get all the good teachers or show all the cool things you learned in Arkansas this summer. But no matter where the first step goes, its subsequent path can take you to a much more difficult place. Like tonight, when Walton and Lewis ̵

1; in their first and second taste of MLB pitching – had to face a pitcher without stuff.

Sonny Gray paid it in for the first 6.1 rounds of tonight's fast pace. In the early years, Gray acted as if he wanted to come to Everett in time for the end of the Storm playoffs. He cruised through the first 17 hits of the Marines' experimental range, allowing only two of them to reach the base, both on walks. One of those walks went to a newly minted Walton on an eight pitch in the bottom of the third round.

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This was a nice introduction for the breaking novice, but not a surprise to those who watched his patient approach minors, or to Dave Sims obviously, who talked a lot about the infielder after having met him first name. Did Sims share an anecdote about Walton's minor league career or did he tell a story that he got the call? He really didn't. But he accepted some of Walton's skills and resembled his handshake with that of a great rushing chair.

Despite his brotherly energy, Walton was still no match for Sonny Gray. Shortly after his third inning, Walton was interrupted as the back half of a strike & # 39; em out, throws & # 39; them out double play. The sailors did not reach the base again until Gray hit Mallex Smith in the sixth and they continued to get no hit in the seventh. Meanwhile, Joey Votto hit his 400th double (still 201 behind Pete Rose for the franchise!) And the Red scratched two runs on the board.

  Cincinnati Reds v Seattle Mariners

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Why is it that every new environment is in some way liberating and liberating? Why it causes your heart to stop and your body comes back, but also releases you some reservations about acting in a certain way There are two different ideas that come together to form one, such as how Sonny Gray's first name means the opposite as his last name.

The dazzling news can be difficult to adapt to but fun to try. When your head is swirling from moving, or a new job, or telling your family about it, or all of the above, it can be difficult to hone in daily death. It's also probably hard to worry about the other team's no-hitter.

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M's this year, the team is moving forward and shooting arrows through the concept of rookie jitters. With his second homer in as many MLB games, Kyle Lewis did something the Sailors have struggled to do all season but promised to bloom with patience. T-Mobile Park showed us a vision, fleeting as it may be, of what we have always been looking for. Except hopefully, like sometime, with a better bull.

Nevertheless, the sailors won a first fear of creating a much needed positive memory. Tomorrow gives another set of young lives that meet completely new circumstances. Justin Dunn dives into his MLB career, with J.P. Crawford is reportedly ready to rock and move Walton to another spot on the diamond. It is quite possible that Dunn, Crawford, Walton, Lewis, Shed Long and Braden Bishop all share space in the Marines' schedule on Thursday. While the truest form of vision has a few more pieces on the way, it's right if it starts. For at least two nights, the flakes in Jerry Dipoto's snow globe begin to decline, and we see that a beautiful chaos of events has a way of producing satisfying tranquility. When the sound fades and things fail, and you realize that all you have to do is all you have already done to get there.

You can sit on a fastball and watch that moto run, and then run cool around the base like saying, "There's a lot more where it came from."

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