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The Serbian movie "Same thing" is discussed at the Ismailia International Festival

Serbian film "Same thing" by Serbian director Dejan Petrovic, shown on the side of the Ismailia Film Festival, ended a few days ago at a symposium directed by critic Osama Fattim.

The director said that the film expresses its vision of the world. The people are all equal, living in a system expressed by the prison formula and imprisoned where they see the two roles very similar in that they play their roles through a system that controls almost everyone in a way that is almost identical.

The film extends to all people living in the same system and thus loses their identity, and everyone becomes machines in this context.

The director expresses the hope of loneliness and freedom through the horse's symbol, which does not lose his freedom, even though he tries to revive him. "The director said that he expressed his philosophy and ideas without ambiguity or complexity and realism and added that the only way of freedom from his point of view is to express art and ideas in some way to reach people.

The Ismailia Film Festival was launched last Wednesday, in the presence of the Minister of Culture Inas Abdel-Dayem and Farr Mahab Memish and Governor of Ismailia and a large number of critics and filmmakers.

The festival is presided over by critics and writer Issam Zakaria, and is organized by the National Cinema Center under the chairmanship of Dr. Khalid Abdul Jalil.

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