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Survived the massacre of the apartment "memory" and became paralyzed. 13 Information about «Kawthar Ramzi»

survived the massacre in the "memory" state and became paralyzed. 13 Information about "Kawther Ramzi" binoculars, quotes news editor published to you, survived the massacre in "memory" mode and became paralyzed. 13 Information about «Kawther Ramzi», survived the massacre The apartment of «memory» and became paralyzed. 13 Information about «Kawther Ramzi» We send you to our visitors New News Today, through our telescope and starting with the most prominent news, the massacre survived in memory and became paralyzed. 13 Information about «Kawther Ramzi».

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Although artist Kawthar Ramzi may not be known to many, but she has a long career in which she presented many difficult roles and remained locked

Kawthar Ramzi, the 87-year-old actress, left the world on Saturday after a health crisis caused by a strong blood circulation. , Until she was detained in the intensive care room for two days and the family buried the family tombs in the presence of a number of friends and relatives away from artists or the media.

A talented artist with a technical story full of secondary roles, she emerged from the spotlight after the murder of her friend, the Tunisian artist Zekri, who hosted Arabic and foreign media. She was the strongest witness in the so-called "upscale neighborhood crime" She was abandoned by the lights again and infected with diseases and engaged in her home until she left our world and this is the most prominent information about her: 1

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first Born on June 17, 1931.

2. Her father is the late artist Ibrahim Mohamed Fawzi, a cultural heritage district of the Institute of Performing Arts.

3 – began his artistic career from the Egyptian radio. [19659006]   _315x420_ef26a52d1f06ba1a0959a421b751a2637e6a62d07f674f417dec20c3d24a69fe "src =" http://newsadmin1100.tahrirnews.com/uploads/2017/06/1573015918142262420.jpg "title =" _ 315x420_ef26a52d1f06ba1a0959a421b751a2637e6a62d07f674f417dec20c3d24a69fe [19659006] 4- The first film appearance has gone through the film "Call of Love ", 1954, starring Hussein Riad, Zahra Ola, directed by Ilhami Hassan.

5 – Attended more than 70 movies, including: "Criminals with honor, sixties, singers in the country, years of misery and love, world traces, wolves, a mission in Tel Aviv, Abu Cartone" and many more.

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6. Her score in television drama was about 100. The series includes: "Abu Al-Ala al-Bishri, Diary and Nice, Al-Awan's neighborhood, vegetable market, no sleep in Alexandria, Tales of Al-Mundandash, Qamar, Abu Dhahka Jinan, Protector by her haram, home and father pasha. "

7 – participated in almost 35 games such as: "The evil boy, trap, alienation, people and people."

8th I represented with Adel Imam some of the most successful pieces of art, such as the "Dark of Darkness, Bakhit and Adila Party" films, in addition to the "Leader, Budi Gard" games.

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9. She was a close friend of the late Tunisian singer There she was called the last "Mama Kawthar" and hosts in her home to sit with her.

10 – Her friend Zekra called her to her home in the Zamalek district on her death day November 28, 2003 in her apartment number 112, but it did not prevent Kawther from being among the victims of the massacre committed by the Tunisian artist's husband, the businessman Ayman al-Suwaidi, who expelled her from the apartment immediately after being humiliated and threw her shoes on the steps, according to her saying in a television interview with the media Hala Sarhan. The next morning, she learned that her friend was killed by the man.

11. She suffered from paralysis of her right leg and hand as a result of a "lump" that was attacked and required under her disease of her brother rson in her home.

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12. In a previous press interview with the Al-Gomhouria newspaper, he is only asked about his close friends, including the artists: Dalal Abdel Aziz, Samir Ghanem and their daughter Donia, as well as the artist Hassan Youssef, with whom he has a relationship.

thirteenth Artist Kawthar Ramzi received an estimate of the late president Anwar Sadat.

Many were known for their secondary roles, and nobody cared about them when the lights went away until they spent their last days with their families.

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