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Look .. “Airbus” shows 3 models of the “plan of the future” – the economic – world today

On Monday, Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer, unveiled its plan to produce the first commercial hydrogen-powered aircraft, which will not emit any carbon dioxide emissions by 2035.

The company published three different models, each using different ways of manufacturing, in order to achieve a completely “green” aircraft. However, there is one thing in common between the models: They all run on hydrogen as the only source of engine power, according to “Euronews”.

Guillaume Fawry, CEO of the company, issued a statement the day before yesterday stating that the world is passing a historic moment for the commercial aviation sector in general and stresses that Airbus “strives to play a pioneering role in the biggest transition in the aviation industry.”


The three models were named “turbofan”, “turboprop” and “mixed wing body” and they make the aircraft differ in shape, but also in terms of capacity, number of passengers and travel distances without hydration.

Technical challenges

Jean-Brice Dumont says that the energy density of hydrogen differs from the energy density of current jet fuels, which will undoubtedly lead to technical challenges during the manufacturing process.

Airbus engineers will begin work on hydrogen-related programs and tests in the coming months, with “hydrogen fuel and its ignition process” to be tested within years, in an effort to complete the first prototype in the late 1920s (2020).

Airbus admits that hydrogen has not been on the table as an energy alternative or as a potential for clean energy at the core of its organization five years ago, but when you look at the results of other experiments, things changed quickly.


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