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Corona … the causes of variation in injuries and deaths among Arab countries

The degree of infection and death due to the new Corona virus varies between the countries of the Arab region, the world and between the Arab Gulf states and North African countries, due to many factors related to the environment, genetics, immunity and others.

Since the beginning of the outbreak from the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December last year, the number of cases of the Corona virus epidemic in the Arab countries at the end of Saturday reached at least 120,868, while the number of deaths during the same period reached about 2024.

If the Middle East region is compared with Western countries, especially the United States, this number, in both parts, will account for a very small proportion of the estimated global cases during the same period, up to 41

01536 cases and 280,435 deaths.

That is, the incidence in Arab countries is estimated at 2.9 percent of all cases, compared to 0.72 deaths around the world, according to the worldmeter’s website.

Epidemiologist Dr. Imad Bouzo believes that “this decrease may be due to causes related to immunity or the environment, and perhaps genetic factors … all of these are opportunities, some of which are supported by strong indicators.”

Despite this global downturn, however, there is a large variation in the number of victims between countries or geographical focuses in the Arab region.

High analysis speed

The Gulf countries, for example, have a much lower mortality rate in Corona compared to countries in North Africa.

For example, Qatar has a mortality rate of 0.0006 or 6 deaths per ten thousand, while Egypt has 0.0573 or 573 deaths per ten thousand.

In his interview with the Al-Hurra website, Buzo attributed the low mortality rate in the Gulf countries to the high proportion of Corona analyzes that these countries carry out for their residents, adding: “If we take into account the population (citizens and foreigners), Gulf countries make very high Corona analyzes compared to all Another country in the world, and it helps to sharply reduce the death rate. “

Health care services

The other factor affecting the deaths, according to Buzo, is advanced health care and explains to the Al-Hurra website that “Egypt and the Gulf countries are plagued by chronic conditions (such as blood pressure and diabetes), but the difference lies in the very advanced health care in Gulf, compared to Egypt and North Africa. ” This may explain the low death rates in the Gulf countries.

Tens of thousands of injuries in Egypt

Buzo considered the death rate in the Gulf to be closer to accuracy, and it could represent a standard percentage of corona deaths in the Arab region, given the size of the population. The current death rate (0.0573) is at the same rate as recorded in Qatar, which is 0.0006, but this means that the number of injuries in Egypt will be in the tens of thousands. “

Among the other reasons that may indicate a significant increase in the number of infections in Egypt is that “Corona Egypt is probably linked to the European or French model in particular, and it is more contagious than that recorded in the Gulf and Asia, for example”. according to Buzo.

Experts already believe that the current number of Corona injuries in many countries of the world, including the West, does not reflect the actual number, so what about third world countries that do not have sufficient health capacity to verify cases of infection and death within their territories?

But the issue can only be resolved by conducting extensive antibody tests.

Another example of the high death rate in North Africa is Algeria, whose death rate on Saturday reached 0.0888, ie. 888 per ten thousand.

“There is definitely no pandemic”

When you compare these figures in North Africa with the Levant region, you will find them very high. For example, the death toll in Corona on Saturday was 0.0172, or 172 deaths per ten thousand, and in the Palestinian Territories 0.0053, which means 53 deaths per ten thousand, while in Lebanon 0.0321, or 321 deaths per ten thousand. And this despite the proximity and overlap of these countries with Iran and Turkey, the two hotspots for the disease in the Middle East.

Buzu, who comes from the Levant region, said that these figures recorded in the Levant countries may not be correct, but they are a clear indication that “there is definitely no major pandemic in the Levant region for reasons that may be related. to immunity and to expose the inhabitants of the region to previous infection.

It is noteworthy that the Arab country that recorded the number of injuries on Saturday night is Saudi Arabia, with 37,136 cases, the smallest of which is Mauritania and the Comoros (one case in each).

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