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"Arabic" celebrates "the first Saudi pop singer" (Watch)

Al Arabiya, its website, was the first Saudi pop singer, under the age of 18.

According to Al-Arabiya, Basma Al-Otaibi, who called himself "BAZMA", moved from Los Angeles to Los Angeles with his family to join the music festival.

Al-Otaibi told Al-Arabiya that "when I went to America, I didn't know English well to learn the language by singing pop songs until I understood the language."

"I loved the American pop and wrote and composed my songs from a young age until I wrote a song and participated in a number of music festivals. Then I tried to publish the song and present it to the production companies until I decided to produce a special album "In 201

8 I stopped writing a number of songs and worked with her with the help of an audio engineer, so I could release a special album called Fear, which is widespread and available in many commercial places and markets."

Basma describes himself as a universal artist, author of English novels and songs, as well as a living Her song and acting, according to the "Arabic."

Otaibi revealed that she is supported by her family, even though her father is from the tribe "Otaiba" and her mother from the "Anza." tribe

and pointed out that she participated in several "Bob" competitions, in addition to her representation in a short film in the United States.

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