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Kristen Stewart has a pinegrove tattoo

Kristen Stewart has a Pinegrove tattoo, The Father reports. What? OK. Let's back it up.

Stewart is in the middle of the campaign cycle for the latest Charlie & # 39; s Angels . Just last weekend she hosted SNL and this week continues the difficulty of interviews. One such place found her sitting with costumes Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska for Fandango.

During this joint interview, the subject of music came up – specifically Charlie & # 39; s Angel's soundtrack work produced by Ariana Grande. Stewart says she has not heard it, which is not surprising; judging by her involvement in music videos for the Rolling Stones, Chvrches and Interpol, mainstream pop and rap may not be her style. In fact, once they start riffing on the music they liked on the set, she begins to list favorites including Cure and the Specials.

That's when Scott mentioned that Stewart got her costs in Pinegrove, prompting Stewart to confirm that not only is Montclair, New Jersey's Indian smoker her favorite band, she has a Pinegrove tattoo ̵

1; probably the group's double-square logo. This is checking out: Last year Pinegrove's Evan Stephens Hall posted a photo of herself with Stewart on her Instagram story, and she's got to see one of her T-shirts. See the evidence below.

Pinegrove's next album, Marigold is out 1/17 about Rough Trade.

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