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Kristen Bell defends her daughter Delta from humiliating diaper comments

Kristen Bell standing up to mom-shamers out there.

On Friday frozen star responded to the backlash she had received on Twitter after revealing that she and Dax Shepardis a 5-year-old daughter Participate wears diapers at night #Momsplaining. After the episode aired, a Twitter user found the topic “humiliating” to the couple’s youngest child and criticized her decision to publish it.

“Why would @KristenBell tell this humiliating fact about her child, along with identifying details like her name?”

; fan wrote. “Delta may not know about this yet, but she will: In the midst of a pandemic during her sensitive formative years, her mother told the world that she was still in diapers.”

When I come to her daughter’s defense, my mom tweeted to two, “I don’t think it’s humiliating if your baby wears diapers late. Everyone is different. My 5-year-old wouldn’t be embarrassed even if she was in diapers during the day! She is confident & goofy & seeing nothing about her beautiful unique i something to apologize for. Xo. “

But this was not the last of their exchanges. Looks Veronica Mars the alum’s tweet, the user replied, “My concern was primarily about revealing such private information about a child to the world given your reach and fame; diapers at night can be normal for a five year old and maybe she will really grow up to be totes whatevs about it, ”she wrote in a tweet.

The tweet was followed by another and said: “I just know that I was aware enough at 5.5 that I would not want that information there without my explicit permission, and my mother was not famous and covered in the news. So I hope Delta joined that you could reveal her private body information on the world stage. “

In anticipation of Bell’s response, the Twitter user also shared the star’s Instagram post which included a photo of the “opinion piece” her oldest daughter Lincoln had written her, which negatively characterized how her famous mother communicated with her.

The accompanying screenshot was the message: “Is this also about Delta? Since I may have had typical first-class complaints about my mother, but she never treated me in such a way that it happened to me to describe her like this. I hope Delta is good and good, but I wonder if there is cause for concern. ”

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The Forget Sarah Marshall star then tweeted back, “And the opinion piece is my 7 year old, who happens to be healthy and opinionated and strong and lively and I encourage her to speak up when she dislikes something – and I’m proud of her for telling her she’s upset with me! I want her to feel comfortable talking, always. “

She then added, “But she apologizes for what she wrote later and we both laughed at it and I told her even when she has an unpleasant opinion. I am proud that she stated it – it was actually a well-structured argument ( even if it was written in a rage!) Xoxo all love. “

When he saw where Bell came from, the Twitter user shared that her parents had addressed her in a similar way and advised her to be careful when talking to her girls.

Happy to find common ground, Bell wrote, “Your parents are delighted that they have proven to be a sensitive and high-pressure woman and I hope to be just as happy 🙂 I assure that when she wrote this she used her voice to speak out her frustrations – which I fully support – being in school at home is not her favorite. “

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