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MK News – 2019 Seoul City Architecture The Biennale opens with the theme of "collective city"

Autumn next year, big cities and city-related organizations, universities and experts from all over the world will once again gather in Seoul.

Seoul Metropolitan Government holds the 2nd Seoul Biennial for Architecture and Urbanism (2019 Seoul Biennale) from September to November next year (about 2 months) at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), the Donmun Moon Museum Village, and Urban Architecture Museum (Sejong University).

This event, launched last year, is the first global academic exhibition festival in Korea with the theme of "city" and "architecture". In the first event held with 50 cities, 120 institutions and 40 universities around the world on the topic of "Immature Commons", a total of 460,000 people visited from both home and abroad the museum with an average of more than 6,000 visitors a day. Clearly.

The theme of next year's event is "Collective City", which aims to prepare cities as "global platforms" in urban and architectural areas where cities around the world exchange information, discuss and solve solutions to urban problems.

In March this year, the city appointed Jung Yong-yong Architect and Francisco Sanin, a professor at Syracuse University in the United States.

The program continues to formatted once.

The thematic and city-specific exhibitions will be held on two shafts, and major industrial areas in Seoul will host Seoul Lab, which consists of on-site research projects and citizens participation.

The city will also hold the "201

9 Seoul City Architecture Biennale Conference" at the Seoul City Construction Center (within the Donmun Moon Museum) at 2 o'clock on the same day. The Joint Director-General will talk about the importance of the "collective city" and the reason for the election of the biennial, and discuss how to develop the theme of exhibitions and citizenship programs. it's going on.

Lim Jae-yong, General Director of the 2019 Seoul Biennale, said: "2019 Seoul Biennale is a" communication forum "where citizens can actively participate in the process of making cities. At the same time, the Biennial promotes the quality of life of the citizens and increases the dignity of the city. "Global Platform" to develop a new type of collection, exchange information, and discuss information about urban problems with cities around the world and find solutions.

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