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Lee Jae-Rok arrested for "rape crime"

The court "discourages evidence and concerns about escape"

Registered: 2018.05.03 23:05

Rev. Jaerock Lee of Manmin Central Holiness Church, charged with raping many oldest times, is on trial to attend the hearing of the arrested suspects in Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-gu on March 3.

Pastor Lee Jae-Rok (75) of Manmin Central Church was arrested for allegedly abusing the race occupations over the years.

A judge appointed by the head of the Sekelskadeloven in the Seoul District District issued a warrant of arrest for the pastor on rape on March 3.

The judge said: "In the case of a criminal act, according to police, Lee has been accused of raping 1

0 church worshipers from the late 1990s to 2015 (Rape Rape), according to the police. In particular, it was reported that he as a leader in the church committed sexual violence by using his status and the credibility of the offense. Manmin Central Church, known for exercising powerful power by this pastor, is a great church of 130,000 people.

In a police recall investigation conducted on 26 and 28 March last month, the pastor denied all charges. The minister demanded that the victims disclose information about the complaint filed to the police, but the police refused to consider the victim's safety and the possibility of suicide.

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