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[종합] Gyeongbuk Chilgok Army Waste Treatment Company … No loss of life

[Daegu = NewSea] Jung Chang-oh, reporter of the waste management company in Cheonggok-gun, Gyeongbuk province on July 7, caused a partial leakage of sulfuric acid.

It is reported that the remaining sulfuric acid has been transferred from the tank to another tank.

When the accident occurred, the Kyungbuk province and the Chilgok district sent a letter of emergency to nearby residents and said they would evacuate to a safe place.

To prevent confusion of residents, after 30 minutes, there was no concern, so I also sent additional letters to be relieved.

The fire brigade moved quickly, injected 1

1 fire trucks and 50 firefighters, while the Gumi Disaster Prevention Center was in place in an emergency to measure air pollution.

The police were sent to the scene immediately,

The fire department and officials have carried out emergency repairs for accidental storage tanks and have completely shut down the gas at 19:20 [19659002] It was difficult for the residents to calm their surprised chest but fortunately there were no confirmed cases of human sacrifice.

It is an analysis that wind blowing was the opposite of the nearby villages.

There is no risk of a second accident, such as an explosion, said the fire department.

On September 27, 2012 a toxic substance called FOSAN GAS was leaked at HUB GLOBAL CO. LTD. Located at Gumi 4 Industrial Complex in Gumi City, Kyungbuk Province, An accident occurred.

Damage to 23 people, including five accidents and 18 accidents, caused damage and property damage of approximately 55.4 billion won due to the accident that occurred at that time.

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