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King Sooper's workers vote for strike

DENVER – Nearly 12,000 King Soopers union workers may be just a few days away from strikes.

They voted for the strike on Friday night after nearly three months of negotiations with the grocery store.

Workers want better wages and benefits. King Soopers said the latest contract met these requirements.

Employees had their second and last day when they voted on a strike Friday. Leaders with their union, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, spent the night counting all voices.

The voice of a strike does not guarantee one. Union leaders would still have to call for the strike. It can happen anytime.

Currently, the union and King Soopers have no more negotiation sessions.

"Feed human spirit and start feeding your employees, because they make the difference," Tyson Kehm told FOX31

. He is a meat manager and has worked in King Soopers for eight years.

At the same time, King Soopers claims that the latest contract would provide many employees with more than $ 2,000 over the next three years and not increase healthcare costs.

The company also has 1,000 openings that can allow employees to grow.

"We make the difference," Kehm said. "If they (customers) see us strikingly, they will honor it. I really believe it."

Kehm and other employees said that customers who crossed the picket lines could expect some chaos inside. They said there would be fewer workers and possibly empty shelves.

King Soopers said it is trying to mitigate any effects a strike might have on customers.

The company is now marketing advertising to hire temporary workers to be prepared. 19659003] "It's business as usual this weekend," says King Soopers spokesman Adam Williamson. "It's the last resort, no one wins in one stroke. So we want to make sure we prepare in the worst scenario."

Williamson sent FOX31 and Channel 2 the following statement after the vote:

"We proposed a good contract for our employees. Our goals are always to reach an agreement that provides a solid and competitive package of salaries, benefits and a stable pension plan "At this point, the union has not called for a stop. We hope that they will not do so and look forward to continuing the negotiations. Right now, as usual in our stores."


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