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Kim Kardashian "Disgusted" with Kourtney and Khloes Japan Outfits

Does not come between Kim Kardashian West and one of her photo shootings.

On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim, 37, planned a trip to Japan at the end of February to shoot a Yeezy campaign debut season 7.

"I love working with Kanye on the way he will listen to me that's important to me and I trust him in colors and fabrics, "she said about working with her husband Kanye West, 41." So it works really well. "

"I only have a few days to get 20 watching shots," she explained. "Japan is the campaign – we can not recreate it. There are dozens of people who work with this, so it's a lot of pressure. It's my husband's collection and I want to make sure I'm doing a good job and that he likes how it all turns out . "

But things became awkward when Kim decided to bring her sisters Kourtney, 39 and Khloé, 34, to travel ̵

1; just to hate all their fashion choices. After her first night out, she decided she had to say something.

"I can not even eat dinner because I'm so disgusted with my sisters crazy outfits that do not really matter," she said. "I can not take it."

"My sisters look so crazy," she continued. "It's really embarrassing. Kourtney with the Japanese-inspired outfit, and Khloé wears silver alloys, turquoise shadow, big chandelier earrings – they're just like colliding and making my outfit look very bad and they destroy everything. I need the Yeezy collection which is debuted and not all this crazy distraction in the background. "

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Sitting down with their sisters the next morning, Kim did not disturb their opinions they looked like" f-ing clowns. "

"I'm not kidding. This is not like a tourist thing where it's Halloween, dress up like a Japanese geisha, unless we're in a geishahus," she said. "I just think you must like, relax. As you can be cooler, I do not tell who you are and what to wear or anything, but I tell who you are and what to wear. may be time for modernization to make you young and relevant. "

And as the days passed, Kim's criticism showed no signs of slowing down.

"Kourtney and all the glamor in this point hate me because I just killed all their dreams," she said. "And I do not care. If you can not criticize, you should not have been on this trip."

At one point, she told Kourtney that she saw "as immediate grandmother, 100 percent."

"You do not "Look [like] something special," she said. "You do not see any innovation and I think you have it in you."

"Now I think Kim is just rude and rude to everyone in glamor," Kourtney claimed. "We make everything fun together and it's not so serious. I think Kim and I do not always look eye-to-eye as far as the importance of traveling and living at the moment …. I have three kids and a full-time job. not seven stylists. "

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Kim tried to explain where she came from:" I know I've been nice and much perceived, but I'm here for the Yeezy campaign, "she said. "I do not have time to hit the bush here."

"But I feel like we're here too to have fun, have some fun things, do some fun make-up, no matter what," replied Kourtney. "And by the way, I liked all my clothes."

"I do not know – I saw what I saw, and I saw captive clowns," said Kim.

"Nobody wants to wake up and be criticized from head to toe all day long," replied Kourtney.

Her response shocked Kim, who pointed out that the "old Kourtney" would have fought back.

"Would you rather like me-Do you say you suck? You have a puffy vest, you have pink hair and turquoise shoes," replied Kourtney. "I did not come here to wear leggings that are translucent and show my a-off. Do you easily know it's a bitch? I can be a bitch all the birthday if that's what you want. But guess what? It takes a lot more courage to show your feelings rather than sitting there and being a bitch. "

Eventually, Kim agreed that her delivery might have been a bit hard and promised to work with it.

"I feel like I'm always proud of being honest," she said. "I will definitely work with my delivery, but my message I think is quite clear."

And that was all worth the end, because she got all 20 watching shots.

"It was a lot of work, but we did it, and with this amazing and beautiful city, this campaign will be super baptism," she said. "Kanye is so pleased with how the shot turned out and I feel it was a very good trip for us overall."

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