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Killer7 PC Remaster was announced for the 2018 Release

Killer7, the cult action game from Goichi & # 39; Suda51 & # 39; Suda and Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami, remastered and released to PC 2018. The remaster was revealed during MomoCon, where the Sudas studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, hosted the 20th anniversary of the current.

"Dive into a dark world of underground killers in a revenge story like Harman Smith, a man who manifests 7 deadly personalities in the real world, known as the killer7," reads the official description. "Take control of this distinctive murderer's row as they chase down the unfair Kun Lan, to stop its plan of world domination and end its organization of deadly suicide bombers called" Heaven Smile. " "

" For years, Suda51's classic action adventure name Killer7 has been highly desirable among psychological thriller avicionados. And now it's finally back on Steam! Iconoclast author / director Goichi Suda and legendary director Shinji Mikami regain Killer7 for the first time in 13 years, and completely done in high definition. "

The short trailer gives a quick introduction to the various characters that the main character Harman Smith embodies. The trailer also reveals that remasters will be published by NIS instead of Capcom, which originally published the game back in 2005. However, as Capcom retains the right to Killer7's It's still involved. Check out the trailer above. [19659002] In the GameSpots Killer7 review, Greg Kasavin said "you will either love the Killer7 or hate" game. "The way this game can handle you can easily consider the playing value of these extras give, "he continued." Especially for a game filled with lots of mindless shooting, Killer7 makes you think. And that makes you wonder why most games do not even bother trying. And maybe that's the whole point. "

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