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Khashoggi murder: Independent investigation blames Saudi Arabia for the extrajudicial killing of journalists

In a highly anticipated report, Wednesday was released, UN investigator Agnes Callamard said in order to investigate Saudi Arabia under international law for Khashoggi's "extrajudicial killing".
A prominent writer and Washington Post columnist, Khashoggi, died after entering the Saudi Arab Consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. While Riyadh originally denied knowledge of the incident, the Saudi officials later claimed a group of rogue operators, many of whom belong to Saudi Arabian priest Mohammed bin Salman's inner circle was responsible for the journalist's death.

The Saudi Arabian lawyer later admitted that Khashoggi was killed in a prevented murder.

The Special Rapporteur makes no conclusions on the debt of the Saudi Crown Prince and King. Instead, Callamard says there is "credible evidence that provides further investigation by a proper authority" if "the threshold of criminal liability is met".

She continues to say that Khashoggi was "fully aware of the powers of the Crown Prince" and had expressed fear of what would happen to him if he returned to the kingdom.

CNN has come out to the Saudi government for an answer to Wednesday's report.

Riyadh claims that neither bin Salman nor King Salman knew the operation to target Khashoggi. However, US officials have said such a mission ̵

1; including 15 men sent from Riyadh – could not have been carried out without the permission of bin Salman.

According to the report – quoting evidence from Turkish and other intelligence agencies – after entering the consulate, Khashoggi was injected with sedatives and then put his head in a plastic bag and smothered.

It quotes a sound recording from the inside of the consulate, where Khashoggi is heard to be told he will be in Saudi Arabia.

"We have to get back. There is an order from Interpol," a Saudi Arabia man tells the journalist who replies that "there is no case against me" and warns them that people are waiting for him outside the consulate.

The men instruct Khashoggi to write a text message to his son and argue over what to say before a voice says "Cut it card".

"There is a towel here. Should you give me drugs?" Khashoggi asks.

"We will stun you," replies a man.

A fight can then be heard, after which a man asks if Khashoggi has gone out.

"He raises his head."

"Keep pushing."

"Press here, don't remove your hand, press it."

It has previously been reported that after Khashoggi was killed, his body was interrupted and removed from the consulate in separate bags. It has not been found.

The Special Rapporteur found credible evidence pointing out that the crime scenes "have been thoroughly, even forensically cleaned" – suggesting that the Saudi investigation "was not conducted in good faith and that it could impede justice". [19659004]

Reports for Riyadh

Khashoggi kills and the continued decline from it has caused a diplomatic crisis for Riyadh, which destroyed Saudi Arabia's already shaky international reputation and led many allies to renounce bin Salman.

While US President Donald Trump has resigned from taking a tough line against bin Salman, he wants to keep Riyadh's support for pushing Iran and flowing money for arms sales, other US politicians have tried to punish Saudis.

Weeks after the killing, US officials demanded a cease-fire in the Saudi-led but US-backed Yemeni war, and Congress has voted to end US involvement in that conflict, even though Trump vetoed that movement.
Bin Salman's "Davos in the Desert" meeting weeks after Khashoggi's death was a failure after many high-profile guests pulled out and investments in the Kingdom have also been hit since Khashoggi killed at a time when the Crown Prince desperately tried to get foreign aid for its Vision 2030 plan.

Washington has also relieved the Saudi rival Qatar, originally supporting Riyadh's attempt to block his fellow monarchy.

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