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Kevin Love Damage: Cavaliers Forward Will Miss Game 7

Kevin Love left Cavaliers' pivotal game 6 matchup against Celtics on Friday after supporting heads with Jayson Tatum halfway through the first quarter. He did not return to the game and is now in the concussion protocol, meaning he will miss Game 7, by The Vertical's Shams Charania .

By accident, Jayson Tatum missed the head of an out-of-the-ball game in the middle of the first quarter. He went down, held his head and immediately signaled to the athlete / medical staff that something was very wrong.

Love left the game and went straight to the locker room. It was terrible news for the cavalry, though they persisted to win Game 6. Love has a history of head injury including brain shocks in 201

6 and earlier this Season.

According to the NBA's Summary of Brain Shaking Policy, a player diagnosed with concussion may not return to any kind of basketball activity that day or the day after. He must then meet a number of requirements, including being free from brain-related symptoms while resting, a doctor's examination, completing the league's strict return to participation-enrollment protocol, and then signed by the director of the NBA Brain Shaking Program.

It is a necessary set of steps to ensure that a player is free from brain shock symptoms.

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