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Kawhi Leonard tried to recruit Kyrie Irving to Clippers – ProBasketballTalk

Five years ago …

The Clippers were involved in Donald Sterling's scandal. There were talk of players boycotting. The entire franchise seemed poisonous.

The net went into years of pain. They had traded several future first rounds for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, who quickly declined and left the team in the basement. Brooklyn looked hopeless.

Suddenly, Clippers and Nets are the freshest forces of the NBA after major offseason coups. Kawhi Leonard signed with Clippers and convinced Paul George to request a trade to accompany him. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined Brooklyn through the free agency.

This level of star grouping in a single summer has never been seen before.

One team has added two reigning All-NBA players in the same offseason only three times:

  • 201
    9 Clippers: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George
  • 2019 Network: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
  • 2014 Cavalry: LeBron James and Kevin Love

In 2014, LeBron returned to Cleveland and struck love for joining him. Cavs acted for Love with insurance he would write next year.

The stories are similar to LA and Brooklyn this year.

Leonard wanted to return to his secret southern California, and he got George – another California native – to come along. Durant may object to the view he was recruiting, but playing near New Jersey is a return for Irving. It seems that Durant gives priority to playing somewhere with Irving.

The big difference between this year's situation and Cavaliers 2014: No established star attracted Leonard, George, Durant and Irving to their new teams. Cleveland had Irving as a tie for LeBron and eventually Love.

The Clippers were starless. The networks had no All-Star until D & # 39; Angelo Russell was named a damn compensation, and they were not keepinh him on landing Durant and Irving. (Russell has been sent to the warriors in a double sign and trade.)

It's another way that these situations are unmatched.

Only eight teams have added several government stars in the same offseason since the NBA-ABA merger. The previous six already had an established star that helped build the appeal:

Year Team Stars added Incumbent star
2019 LAC Kawhi Leonard, Paul George [19659024]] 2019 BRK Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving
2017 OKC Paul George, Carmelo Anthony Russell Westbrook
2017 BOS Kyrie Irving , Gordon Hayward Isaiah Thomas *
2014 CLE LeBron James, Kevin Love Kyrie Irving
2012 LAL Dwight Howard, Steve Nash Kobe Bryant 19659022] 2010 MIA LeBron James, Chris Bosh Dwyane Wade
2007 BOS Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen Paul Pierce ** * Celtics dealt Thomas for Irving, but Thomas was part of the recruitment of Hayward in the first place.

** Pierce was not an All-Star 2007 due to an early injury, but he was an All Star the five previous and five following seasons and played as a moment fresh later in 2006-07 . Not counting on him as a star in 2007 would be true just as a technology.

But Leonard and George chose to be the stars at Clippers. Durant and Irving chose to be the stars online. They did not follow anyone already in place.

This is an unintended consequence of the shorter contract owners driven by. They give players more opportunities to change teams and evaluate new situations like this. This is also a continuation of LeBron exercising its power, first by joining Wade and Bosh on the Heat and then closing the store in Miami and forming a new super team in the Cleveland small market.

Maybe it can't happen anywhere. It's no coincidence that Clippers and Nets play in the two largest markets.

But the Lakers and Knicks are still the most prestigious franchises in Los Angeles and New York. The Clippers a Nets didn't even win a playoff series or get a star first to attract others.

It is a new era in the NBA – one where top talent is ready to get together and assert themselves.

Wherever it may be.

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