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Kanye West on Backing Trump: It's not about politics

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& # 39; Liberals Can not Bully Me & # 39;

Kanye West told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday why he supports President Trump – and it's not about politics.

West said he would mostly show he did not see them. "Just like a musician, an African American, a guy in Hollywood, all these different things ̵

1; everyone around me tried to choose my candidate for me," he said. "And then told me every time I said I thought about Trump, I could not say it high, or my career would be over, I would be kicked out of the black society."

In its inherent opposition to the establishment wisdom, West mirrors parts of trump politics. Nevertheless, he insisted that his motivations were not in the president's policy, but in what drum symbolizes himself in the spectrum.

"What it represented to me is not about politics, because I'm not a politician," West said. "But it represented to overcome fear and to do what you felt, no matter what somebody said. And saying," You can not bully me. Liberals can not bother me; news can not bother me; hiphop community, they can not bother me. ""

Then he laughed and acknowledged: "I really think people are really angry with some things."

At one point when Kimmel tried to intervene with a question as the West clarified, it blew: "I'm not worried about specific here."

Enter the Space Force

Kimmel has difficulty in taking space strength seriously. Referring to Trump as "Darth Traitor," Kimmel said he respected the president "to take this joke as far as he has." He has really committed. "

" Space Force actually happens! They have plans. They find money. Michael Bay is on board to control the whole thing. "- JIMMY KIMMEL

" I saw the whole message this morning and I was impressed that Mike Pence could in any way make a message about interspace warfare boring. "- [19659000] JIMMY KIMMEL

The Punchiest Punchlines (SeaWorld Edition)

"NFL's Arizona Cardinals has launched a new competition where fans can win a team shirt and get their photo on the scoreboard if they eat a hamburger consisting of five patties , five creatures, five bratwursts, eight slices of bacon, eight chicken tenders, 12 ounces fries, salad, pickles, sauce and 20 slices of cheese in less than an hour. Saw a fan, "Eww salad?!" "- SETH MEYERS

"I saw that SeaWorld l

With a cool and sophisticated graphics department, James Corden is full of power.

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